Sunday, October 31, 2010

Final Day 31 Days of Halloween 2010

Hello everyone, well, it's been a very interesting week since I posted last...the little ones caught a very nasty virus that included fevers, rashes, extremely sore and scratchy throats, and just general muckiness. I also got very sick, and have been recovering over the past few days. After dealing with all of that, I thought we were in the clear, but now my middle daughter is starting to feel bad (which really stinks, the day before Halloween!!)

In all the chaos of being sick and taking care of everyday necessities plus work, I have had little time for any stamping projects. However, I do have something to share with you today that has to do with Halloween. Last night me and the kiddos enjoyed a Halloween Tea Party together. It was a fun way to celebrate without taking the kids out, and I'm especially glad now that we did it since we may not make trick or treating tonight. I thought I'd share some pics from our tea party setup. This is in my Halloween room, which is not as elaborate at it would have been had we not gotten sick. Oh well, it still looked fairly neat with all my projects that I was able to do.

The pictures were taken with the lights off; the illumination came from candles and the fire, so I'm kinda surprised they are as bright as you see, but that may also explain why they are slightly blurry. Just imagine the scene a little darker, similar to the first picture.

End table

Bookshelf #1 with my "pet" owl

My creepy doll makes her home on this couch by the window, along with our giant spider Madame Octa

Bookshelf #2 with all kinds of stamped goodness on the shelves

The mantle with my Halloween snowglobe collection, and my vintage witch marionette makes her home on the fireplace tools. You can see Melora's tea party dress peeking from the side.

Close up of snowglobes...BTW, if you ever come across an interesting (not cute) Halloween snowglobe please message me and tell me where you saw it!! I'm always on the lookout to add to my collection :)

Our buffet table complete with "potions" and food, of course.

My labels were one of the projects I didn't get to finish, so these were printed out. Boooo!!

Our treats included crackers and cheese, zuchinni muffins,brownies, blueberry coffee cake, and blackberries

The table spread

We all enjoyed dressing up in our most fashionable tea party garb. The kids (and friend) all had a great time eating and drinking monster tea. After the table festivities, we went outside and burried our apple by the front door to keep spirits from finding a permanent residence at our house, (the neighbors gave us some pretty funny looks from their window, but they are not very nice anyways) then we hunkered down for some story telling in front of the fire. A good time was had by all , and then we all went to sleep.

So I hope you've enjoyed the 31 Days of Halloween! I know that even though I wasn't to make it all the way through with projects every day, that the Wicked Blogs have provided a month-long plethora of fantastic projects and inspiration! Thank you, Wicked Blogs!!! And thank you to all of you who hopped through to look, left numerous comments, and just made it all worth while.

Pay special attention to Kelli and Alison's blogs today, as they are still giving info for sponsor prizes. Also, I will be tallying Wicked Blogs and Horrifying Hoppers for the grand prize drawing from Smeared Ink and will announce the winner by November 2. Thanks for making the month fantastic, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!


  1. What a fabulous party! Thanks you for inviting us in. Your decorations are bootiful and I sure hope everyone feels better today! xxD

  2. What wonderful pictures! I'm sorry the month wasn't all you hoped it would be, I hope you all feel much better soon! This has been a great month for me, filled with inspiration! Happy Halloweenie!

  3. Considering all that you've been through the last few days Terra ... this looks fabulous. The kids look (and sounds) like they had a ball. Your room, although you say isn't as you would wish, still looks amazing.
    Hope your other daughter doesn't get too badly hit with that virus.
    Happy Halloween
    Helen xx

  4. What a lovely party! LOVE your candleabra! I have to leave my apples out tonight too!! I know the "spirits" will enjoy them! or the deer and squirrels.
    Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

  5. What a wonderfully spooky home. Love the Tea PARTY idea. Glad your all feeling better and hope your middle daughter has a speedy recovery.

    Thanks so much for hosting the 31 Days. I hope you get to enjoy the rest of the Holiday.

    Happy Halloween!

  6. What FUN!!! I love this and hope it is an annual tradition at your house. Even big kids love this stuff :). Great decorations, just amazing!

    Hope everyone is up to going out tonight and that the extra sickness is short lived. You all get better :)

  7. your Halloween display looks amazing.
    Hope the worst is over now and you stay well

  8. Happy Halloween I am glad you are back all your projects look fantastic everyone looks as if they are havine a great time
    Luv Jane xxx

  9. thank you for sharing your fabolous room!!! what an awesome party! loved all the projects you put together this month! wonderful job!

  10. How lovely, all of your pictures are just wonderful. Happy Halloween and hugs and sparkles - WG

  11. your house looks FABULOUS! this has been a great month and I'm glad your family is feeling better! have a great day!
    Happy Halloween

  12. Terra your room is awesome and what a yummy tea party! I'm glad you and the kiddos were able to have fun after a tiring week of being sick. I can't wait till next year, maybe if I start now I'll have enough projects ready to join in the fun :)

  13. Your house must be a ton of fun, regardless of the neighbors. It looks fantastic!