Friday, October 1, 2010

31 Days of Halloween Rules and Regs

Well, today's the's officially the first day of October, AND the first day of 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN 2010 here on Smeared and Smudged!!!

This year we are doing things a little differently; we've recruited some Wicked Blogs to join in the 31 Days extravaganza of projects, so you'll have a plethora of Halloween goodness to feast your eyes on all month long! The challenge for the Wicked Blogs is to participate all month by providing a different stamped project each and every day in October. If they complete the task, they will be entered into the huge prize drawing at the end of the month!

I know I am looking forward to the challenge again, and I hope you are excited to participate as a Horrifying Hopper or Sinister Lurker. Here's how you do it...
See that long list of participating blogs in my sidebar? The one under the Wicked Blog Button?
<----------------------------------------------------------------- Yep, that's the one. Be sure to visit each one every day in October, and here's how you can win prizes!!

Horrifying Hopper: What You Have To Do:Hop through each of the Wicked Blogs that are participating and leave a comment on each project.

The Rules:You must leave a comment on EACH participating blog every day to qualify for the prize drawing. Your comment should be about the project or something related (i.e.-no "Here's my comment for today" or "I'm here!"...these types of comments won't count!) If you miss a day or a blog, you will still qualify to receive a survival button, but will not qualify for the prize drawing.

Sinister Lurker: What You Have To Do: If you can't comment every day on every blog , you will still have the chance to win some Lurker prizes! We will be hiding scavenger hunt pictures randomly throughout the month on various participating blogs...if you find one on any given day, you will be put in for that day's freebie drawing. It may be a coupon, a free digi, or a Halloween goodie, who knows!

The Rules: Scavenger Items will be hidden randomly, and are not guaranteed to be available every day. You will have to visit blogs to find them. If you find one, you will email and let us know exactly where it was and your name will go into that scavenger item's drawing. Each person who finds the "hidden" picture will get one entry. Bloggers are able to participate and find scavenger pictures as well, unless it is hidden on their own blog.

Anyone can qualify for the scavenger prizes by visiting blogs and finding the prize; if you find it, email .Everyone who finds it will be entered into the scavenger drawing, and the winner will be announced here the next day. It's that easy!

Doesn't this all sound like fun? But wait, I know you are now asking yourself "What huge prize drawing at the end of the month is she talking about?" In addition to some awesome scavenger prizes provided by some pretty amazing sponsors, we are offering up this glorious concoction of 31 Days goodies!

*click it to view larger

Each person who successfully completes the 31 Days as either a Wicked Blog Participant or a Horrifying Hopper will receive one entry toward this prize drawing. If you successfully complete both, you will receive two entries. (Meaning if you are a Wicked Blog Participant and you comment on every blog every day, you have successfully completed both)

That just about covers all the rules and regulations for this year's celebration. We can't wait to share 31 Days of Halloween with you, so sit back and enjoy the ride!


  1. OMG, Terra! this is soooo fabulous! I wanna make me one! Happy October! This is gonna be one cool month! xxD


    My jaw literally dropped open when I saw this!!!

    WOW WOW WOW...

    I must know how long it took you to complete this masterpiece of gorgeousness????

    Love it!!