Monday, October 31, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 31

It's Day 31 of our month long blog hop, and I can't believe it's over! As promised, I have some fun information for you about My Memories. A few days ago you had the opportunity to win the My Memories Suite 2 software on Sugar's blog, and today you get another chance!

My Memories Suite is the software I have been using for the past couple of 31 Days projects that I have posted, as well as for the banner you see above. I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with it! As most of you know, I am not a scrapbooker. I have made some pages that I loved, and I love the process of it, but unfortunately my life just doesn't allow me the time. I've never used digital scrapbooking kits because, well for lack of a better term, they just seemed cheesy to me. They were all very cut and dry and frankly, too cute
for my tastes.

When I was approached to try the My Memories software for free, I decided to give it a try and be completely honest with my review of it. I can honestly say that I LOVE it! It is super easy to use, and I love that you can add on any extra kits or embellies that you like from the My Memories website. They offer alot of free add-ons, and the others are very reasonably priced for what you get in the files. They come formatted for the Suite program, and also for use in Photoshop which is my go-to for digital work.

After I made my scrapbook page of my daughter's Haunted House picture, I was pleasantly surprised to find out you can export your projects as jpeg files to your computer, so you can share in any way that you like. This makes it amazingly convenient for me to share with family, since we are military and are nowhere near my family. I'm super excited to continue working with the program to finally get some of my memories and important pics put together.

So, now that I've told you about my experience with the program, here's your chance to win it for free!! Just visit the My Memories website and choose your favorite digital paper pack. Then comment here and let me know what it is. As on Sugar's blog, you also have the chance to get extra entries by becoming a follower of one of these three sites:

If you follow all three, you'll get three extra entries! After becoming a follower, come back here and let me know you did it.

Finally, for those of you who would rather not wait to see if you won, I have been given a special promotional code that will give you $10 off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the store- a $20 value.

Code: STMMMS25878
This code can be used at any time, not just today

So, now that you've heard all about it, hop on through the Wicked Blogs one last time! Also, please be aware that we will be posting daily winners over the next couple of days, and our grand prize winner will be announced by November 5th! Thanks for making 31 Days of Halloween 2011 another extraordinary event!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 30

Hello everyone! Today we are being sponsored by, well, me! I will be sponsoring with my etsy shop, Rag Fairy Creations.

Rag Fairy Creations is a mish-mash of my creative endeavors. I love creating mixed media art, homemade herbal items, journals, cards, fabric items, crochet items and sculpture. Over the next two months I will be adding in lots of goodies, so be sure to swing my and check them out! For my sponsorship today, I am offering up two jars of my Herbal Healing Salve, which is not yet in my shop, but will be soon.

Herbal Healing Salve can be used to soothe bug bites, rashes, dry or cracked skin, eczema, minor burns, sunburn, cuts, scrapes, and sores. Also, it is great on healing tattoos! I make it all with organic natural ingredients, most of which are grown or harvested by me. 
To be entered, find the Rag Fairy hidden image on one of the Wicked Blogs. Also don't forget to look for the Rick St Dennis hidden image. Email us when you find them, and have fun hopping today!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 29

Welcome to Day 29! Once again, we are being sponsored by the fabulous Graphicat Designs!

Today Graphicat Designs will offer the winner a choice of a $10 Gift Certificate to the store, or their choice of 5 digi images. Be on the lookout for the Graphicat hidden image and the Rick St Dennis hidden image. When you spot them, email us and let us know where they are to be entered. Have fun hopping today!

Friday, October 28, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 28

Welcome back folks! Today we are bringing you another Smeared Ink day, and a chance to win another awesome digi set!

This is one of our personal faves! Zombie Classics Digi Set

Find our hidden image and email us to let us know where you saw it. And also, don't forget about the fabulous Rick St Dennis' digi giveaway!! His image is hiding somewhere out in Wicked Blog-land too. Have fun hopping!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Halloween Day 27- Insane Scrapbook

Hello everyone, welcome back!  Once again our very own Black Dragon is sponsoring with her beautiful handmade jewelry. To enter to win the item of your choice, find the hidden image and email us to let us know where it is.

Also, don't forget about Rick St Dennis and his wonderful digi set up for grabs.
Today I do have a project to share with you. It is a digital scrapbook page and featured one of my favortie Halloween photos of all time.

*click for larger view

I used this same photo last year in one of my projects, so you may remember it. Every year we try to host or participate in a Haunted House. Well, this particular year a friend and I got together and planned out a Haunted House, and the theme was an insane asylum. In my opinion, it was the best one we ever did. My husband played the demented, psychotic doctor who was doing experiments on the patients. My now 12 yo, who was 6 at the time, played the little creepy girl patient who talked to the ghosts. She was super scary, I think maybe even more scary than everyone else, and she LOVED participating and being the little actress!

Well, her favorite line to say was "The ghosts like me but they don't like you", which she came up with all on her own, and she would say it in a creepy voice to the asylum guests as they walked through. Anyhoo, this picture was snapped after we were done and had come inside the house to relax. My husband was joking around with her as the doctor and he grabbed her to "strangle" her and we just happened to have the camera out. I just love the look on both their faces-they look happy and like they truly are enjoying themselves, which is why I love the picture so much.

For the page, I once again used the My Memories software, and just let me remind you to visit on the 31 for more about that. I included her fave quote, and also some journaling about the event. I also added in one of our Raven stamps, which I stamped and then scanned, then resized in photoshop. The raven is there because during the Haunted House, my friend's husband (as a patient) bit the head off of a fake bird, which was gross and completely genious, we didn't know he was going to do it. It's just a reference to that. Before anyone says anything, just know that my daughter was not a witness to this, lol. We kept her out of the gory aspects of the house because of her age.

So, I am completely in love with digital scrapbooking. I have tried some normal scrapbook pages and although I am good at it, I just don't have time. I will probably have lots of these to share in the future. I hope you enjoy it and that this page gave you some ideas. Have fun hopping today!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 26- Skimpy Costume

Hello everyone, welcome to Day 26! Today we are being sponsored by the fabulous Kenny K!

"Digi and rubber stamps from KennyK are a fun and edgy way to add the perfect dose of attitude and style to all of your creations!

The creator, the artist, the man: KennyK is a NYC-born professional illustrator who has brought his funky-but-slick, urban-influenced look to the cardmaking and papercrafts world. His signature style can be seen throughout his various collections of sexy pinup babes, sweet 'n sassy girls, cool rockin' dudes, kid’s stuff, retro characters and more at .

I’m ElenaK, the woman behind the man. I am an event planner and crafter at heart. is a collaboration that combines both of our respective skill sets and allows us to create together – and there is nothing better than that!"

For today's prize, Kenny K is offering four digi singles of the winner's choice. To enter, find the hidden image on one of the Wicked Blogs and email us to let us know where it is. Also, don't forget about the Rick St Dennis hidden image. Email us the hidden image location for that one as well.

I actually got to make a project for today. It is a digi card that I think I will be sending out to a couple of close friends, as it's just too funny in my mind. Elena and Kenny were so very generous to let the Smeaed Ink Design Team work with some of their images, and the one I chose was Capt. Locke. I will definitely be using her again, as it's just the perfect image to send to my husband on the ship, but for now I am using her as a Halloween costume-clad cutie.

We've all heard that Halloween is just an excuse for women to run around skimpily clad, and I thought I'd play up on this thought for my card. I used, as I said before, Capt. Locke from Kenny K as my main image. My background papers and embellishments all came from My Memories, and I just have to say be sure to visit my blog on the 31st for more exciting info about that!

I love how the image looks like the bats are swooping around her and producing wind, or at least in my mind it looks that way. I can't wait to send this one out :)

So, I hope you like it! Have fun hopping today, and I'll see you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 25

Well, it's almost over, a little under a week left. Can you believe it? I can't; I still have not finished all that I have to do before Halloween, and I haven't even been participating as a Wicked Blogger! Well, I guess what gets done will get done. Hope you all are enjoying yourselves and all of the amazing projects this year!

Today you have one final chance to win an awesome prize from Crafty Chaos Designs! Once again, Crafty Chaos is offering up 2 items of your choice from the shop.

Email us the location of the Crafty Chaos hidden image as well as the Rick St Dennis hidden image to be entered for today's prizes! And have fun hopping the Wicked Bloggers today!

Monday, October 24, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 24

 It's Day 24 and we have a new sponsor for you!

Delicious Doodles offers up some pretty amazing designs in their shop, and we are always thrilled to have Teri sponsor us with her deviously dark images!

Teri  has donated three awesome images: Call of the Wild, Bat-erfly, and Halloween Border. To enter, find the hidden Delicious Doodles image on one of theW icked Blogs and email us it's location. To enter for the Rick St Dennis digi set, find that hidden image as well. Have fun hopping today!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 23

Happy Sunday everyone! It's Day 23 and we have more sponsor info for you!

Remember the awesome Dracula wood mounted stamp that Sideshow offered up last time? Well, here is it's match, Vampira!

To win ,  email us the location of the hidden image. Also, don't forget about your chance to win the Rick St Dennis digi set. Happy Hopping!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 22

Welcome to Day 22! Today we have another amazing sponsor to share with you!

Once again, Val from Third Coast has very generously donated a $50 gift certificate for our 31 Days hop! To enter for the $50 gift certificate, find the Third Coast hidden image. Then email us and tell us where it is. Also, don't forget about Rick St Dennis and his amazing digi set up for grabs! Find and email the location of that image as well to be up for the drawing. Have fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 21

Welcome back folks! Sorry about the technical difficulties yesterday, my internet was down. But, I'm happy to report today's sponsor for Day 21!!

SMEARED INK is sponsoring with another awesome digi set giveaway! What is more suiting for 31 Days than the Cavaleras Digi set!!?!

Find our hidden image and email us to let us know where you saw it. And also, don't forget about the fabulous Rick St Dennis' digi giveaway!! His image is hiding somewhere out in Wicked Blog-land too. Have fun hopping!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 19

Welcome to Day 19 of 31 Days! I am pleased to announce our sponsor for today!
Strange Skin is offering up 3 digi images of the winner's choice.

Email us the location of the Strange Skin hidden image as well as the Rick St Dennis hidden image to be entered for today's prizes! And have fun hopping the Wicked Bloggers today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 18

It's Day 18 of 31 Days, and I am pleased to tell you about our sponsor for today!
Once again, Crafty Chaos is offering up 2 items of your choice from the shop!

Email us the location of the Crafty Chaos hidden image as well as the Rick St Dennis hidden image to be entered for today's prizes! And have fun hopping the Wicked Bloggers today!

Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 17

***IMPORTANT*** I had this post autoposted and apparently it didn't post, so you will get an extra day for this sponsor day ONLY to find the hidden images. Please have your entries emailed to us no later that 9 am on 10/19. Tomorrow's sponsor will revert back to normal time.

It's Day 17 of 31 Days, and I am pleased to tell you about our sponsor for today!

"Digital stamps based around my girls Creepie Cuties. A great place to find the cute, creepy and kooky images."

Kristie from Creepy Cute Stamps is donating to the winner any 3 digi stamps from her etsy store . To enter, just email us and let us know where the hidden image is! Also, as always, don't forget about the Rick St Dennis hidden image.

Okay, now I have to tell you all about my situation. I am going to have to withdraw from being a Wicked Blogger this year. I will still be participating as much as I can, but I have come to realize that I just don't have the time to make a project every day, especially with Halloween getting closer, my daughter's constant practices and competitions (which is for colorguard, for those of you who asked), business stuff, and nobody around to help out with the kidlings. Let's just say I know when to bow out gracefully lol. But, like I said, I will still be rocking some Halloween projects and posting them as often as possible, it just may not be every day.

So what does that mean for you? Well, you will still need to visit my blog daily to find out about our sponsors, and winners of sponsor prizes. Also, feel free to comment on any projects that I do post when you feel like it, I always love hearing the feedback! I do hope you will enjoy the Wicked Blogs, and the remainder of 31 Days, and kudos to those of you who are still blogging strong with a project every day! See you all tomorrow with more sponsor info :), and soon with a project. Happy Hopping!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 16- Spooky Witch Canvas

Hello hello! I got plenty of rest yesterday, and was able to get together a super project for you today! Can't wait to share it! But first I have our sponsor information for you.

Once again, we are being sponsored by the fabulous Graphicat Designs!

Have you had the chance to swing by their new shop website? They are now offering rubber stamps, and I just LOVE their snarky sayings! They go perfectly with so many of our Smeared Ink stamps. Today Graphicat Designs will offer the winner a choice of a $10 Gift Certificate to the store, or their choice of 5 digi images. Be on the lookout for the Graphicat hidden image and the Rick St Dennis hidden image. When you spot them, email us and let us know to be entered.

As far as sponsor winners go, I will be updating winners later today and catching up on claim emails. If you are listed above and have not yet done it, please email us so we can pass on the info on how to claim your prize!

Okay, now that I've given you all the great sponsor info, let's move on to my project! It is an 11x14 canvas and it's pretty "Spooky".

*click for larger views

Once again, my canvas uses tons of different materials to make the background. There are too many for me to remember, but some of them include paint, papers, pattern paper, book pages, different homemade masks and texturizers, paint spray, mod podge, crepe paper, stamps, charcoal, pastels, & pens. I can, however, tell you that I used various stamps from our Urban Decay and Quoth The Raven stamp sets.

I started with the background, and then moved onto my witch. I just love how she came out, as this is the first one of these girls that I have made!

I recently took a workshop that taught how to make these girls, of course in a much cuter style, but I have so many ideas for changing them to suit me and I plan on making tons more of these canvases. So, what do you think? I think this will be the first that I will be selling and I'd love to hear your opinions.

Okay, now that you've seen my project, it's time for you to hop through the Wicked Blogs. Have fun today, and I'll see you tomorrow!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 15

Hello everyone, welcome to Day 15! We are HALF WAY THROUGH!! I can't believe it! How have you been enjoying it? I've really loved all of the outstanding ideas and really look forward to the rest of the month.

Today our sponsor is our very own Tori, who as you may or may know runs her own successful Scentsy business. Click the pic to visit her site.

As the pic says, Tori will be donating this very cool Fright Night Plug In Warmer to the winner of today's scavenger hunt! Isn't it super cool? I personally love these little plug in warmers. So, to qualify, visit Tori's blog (on the Wicked Blogger list) for details. Also don't forget about the Rick St Dennis hidden image.

So now the bad news, today I do not have a project to show you. Once again we had a competition yesterday and I did not get back until extremely late, which is also why my post is up late today. I know I should plan ahead, and for next weekend I definitely will, but I just didn't have the chance this time. I'm so sorry I have nothing to show you. But, on the bright side, that's one less blog to comment on as Horrifying Hoppers :)

However, I am positive you will find some amazing inspiration on the Wicked Blogs today!! And I already have an idea-a-brewin' for tomorrow's project, so please come back and visit me then.

Happy hopping!

Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 14- Creativity Revolution

Hello once again! I am feeling a little better today, although still tired, but thank you all for the well wishes!! Today is Friday, which means it's Smeared Ink day!!!

There was a little bit of confusion about the rules for our Wicked Bloggers today, so I just want to clarify...Wicked Bloggers get an extra entry for the grand prize drawing when they use ONLY Smeared Ink stamps on their project for Smeared Ink days each Friday. We love to see what you can do with our images, and what amazing ideas you all can come up with! Of course, this is not mandatory at all and we are enjoying all of the projects presented during our 31 Days celebration! We've been visiting each and every blog every day, and although we are not commenting, please know that we are thoroughly enjoying looking at everyone's hard work and sharing in the creativity!

So, as I said, today is Smeared Ink day!

Anatomy 101

Look for our hidden image somewhere in the Wicked Blogs to be entered to win our Anatomy 101 digi set. Here is a copy of the image (no, this isn't the hidden one) as we know today it's hidden really well!

Also, don't forget to look for the hidden Rick St Dennis image to win the fabulous digi set he has offered! Email us when you find them, and you will be entered for the drawing.

Ok, for my project today I made a canvas featuring the Front Facing Skull from Anatomy 101. This is less a "Halloween" project and more an an ode to the creativity that is 31 Days of Halloween.

A while back I made a similar canvas that featured the side facing skull and a hand drawn girl, and this one kinda matches.

*click for larger views

Out of the two, I love this one more. It just seems darker to me, which I love, and is more me. As I said, it started as ablank canvas and has tons of layers on it including decorative paper, newspaper, gesso, paint, paint, more paint, more newspaper, magazine scraps, more paint, and handwriting.

In case you can't read my horrible script, the writing in the eye sockets says "Look Within to Transcend Common Thought", and the Escape writing says "Escape the Boundary of Your Own Imagination". This is something that I try to do with each and every project, especially during 31 Days, when I can.

I am debating on whether or not to keep this for my Halloween room or sell it. Like I said, I love it so much, but will also be starting to work on and sell my canvases and altered items regularly through my etsy shop, so I haven't decided yet. Either way, I would love to get your advice about some pricing. I've never sold canvases before. If you were selling this piece, how much would you charge? If you were looking at buying it, how much would you pay? It is an 11x 17. Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated!!

So before you go, I just wanted to give you an update on Ruyke the kitty. Oh yeah, someone asked how you pronounce it and what it means- you pronounce it "Ruke" with a long u, and it means dark companion. Obviously she is a darker coloring, and she has become our companion so it fit :) Anyhoo, we took her to the vet last night and other than a cold, she is in pretty good health! They gave her a shot of antibiotics for the cold. She does have a missing k-9 tooth which they think was knocked out, so that may cause problems later, but for now she's doing good. They are guestimating her age at anywhere from 7 yrs to 12 yrs old, but more in the area of 7. She got all her immunizations, including rabies, and is now ready to join our family. She has been inside since yesterday and is doing great!! She loves the kids, LOVES being pet, has devoured all the food we gave her, and only hisses at Zombie (our little chihuahua/daschound) if he gets too close. She's twice as big as him, and since she can't claw him, I don't foresee any real problems. So, looks like it will be a perfect fit! I will get more pics later on for you all.

Ok, so I hope you enjoy your hopping today and get lots of inspiration! Have fun!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 13- Magical Cat

Hello everyone, welcome back! I am a little under the weather so my project for today is digital and pretty simple. But first, I have sponsor info! Today our very own Black Dragon is sponsoring again with her fabulous handmade jewelry, and we have the Rick St Dennis digi set up for grabs! To enter, find the hidden images and email us to let us know where they are.

So now on to my project. This was a collaboration of sorts between me and my kindergartener. I used our Hallo Kitty digi single stamp, and I'll give you a little bit of the back story behind the image. There is a cat that has been hanging around outside of our house, and she seems to love us very much. I believe she is an indoor cat that just got out one day or someone jus let loose because thwey didn't want her. She is a long hair and I believe she is part Persian because she has that flat nose. She is orange and black with a little white on her belly. Well, lately it's been getting really cold here and I am thinking about letting her into the house and "adopting" her. She doesn't belong to anyone in the surrounding neighborhoods, and doesn't seem to want to go anywhere else. So, I made a vet appt for her today to go get her checked out and possibly get her groomed as she has alot of matting on her. Oh yeah, she is also declawed which is why I think she was a pet.

Anyways, she was the inspiration behind the Hallo Kitty image cause she's so scruffy looking right now. So my daughter wanted to make a card that we can print out and give to her class this year, and she helped me pick the colors and design it. Here it is:

*click for larger view

and here is a very bad pic of Ruyke the cat:

Isn't she gorgeous? I can't wait to get her all brushed and cleaned up so we can add her to our family.

So, I am off to go rest and hopefully get rid of this funk before it gets worse, but have fun hopping today! Will see you tomorrow with a better project.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 12- Scary Shadow

Hi everyone, welcome back! Today brings us to Day 12 of 31 Days, and isn't the time just flying by? I have a couple of things to talk about, but first let's introduce you to our sponsor for today!

Viva Las Vegas Stamps is located in fabulous Las Vegas, and they have thousands of stamps to choose from ! Be sure to visit their site to view all the fun! VLVS has generously donated a pound of rubber to the winner today, so be sure to look for their hidden image, as well as the Rick St Dennis hidden image. Email us when you find them to be entered.

Ok, so I had a couple of comment questions about some of my 31 Days projects so far that I want to address...

I will be making a tutorial on how to make the pattern paper flowers from Day 2 and I will post it sometime this month on the S&S Forum tutorial page. When I do, I will let you all know.

Also, the question came up several times asking how I stamped on the curved glass of the Raven Pedestals from Day 10. The secret is to ink up your stamp and then lay it face up on your table (my stamps are unmounted). Then take the glass, ornament, curved surface, etc, and slowly starting from one edge of the stamp, roll it over the stamp. The cool thing about doing this on clear items is that you can see exactly which part of it has stamped and which hasn't, so you can adjust pressure accordingly. If you'd like a tutorial on this as well for a visual, I can do it, but it really is very simple and only takes a little practice before you get the hang of it.

The blood splatter on my Day 7 Glam Vamps project was done digitally, I just used different PSE brushes to obtain the effect.

I think those were all the questions I have come across so far. Now to share my project for today. It is digital once again, and features our Shadow Grumpie image from Creepy Li'l Grumpies.

*click for larger view

It's pretty self explanatory. I started out with a wall background and used PSE to grunge it up a bit more than it was and skew it. I made the floor as well and skewed that to fit. I then placed my Grumpie on top, colored him up, and added my word. The final step was to add my back layer, and voila! All done! I think I may have this one printed to send to family and friends this year, I really adore the way it came out. And I just love how he's so mesmerized by that flame, he doesn't even notice his shadow is coming to eat him! Bwahahahahaha!!

Now that you've seen my piece, hop on through the Wicked Blogs and have fun getting your inspiration on for the day! Also, don't forget our new Smudgy Antics challenge has been posted, and the theme this week is Black Birds. You have until Sat at midnight to enter! Hope to see you over there :)

31 Days of Halloween: Day 11- Antique Lace As Death Garland

Welcome to Day 11! I'm so excited to share my project with you today, as I've been wanting to make this for a while now. And I know I am getting this post up after the deadline, but I worked on it so late and had some overnight drying to do. But, before all that, we have another sponsor for you! Can you believe the amazing sponsors this year?!??!!

"Howl-o boys and mostly ghouls, hope you're having a fangtastic Rocktober! Sit around the campfire while I spin you a delightfully dreary yarn about a company I like to call...Strange Skin! This crafty creature was constructed from the decomposed (and recomposed!) body parts snatched from the local graveyard by mad scientists Jorge "The Ghoul" Garcia and Professor "Pallid" Pam Bowman. Slowly starting out as a hideous oozy mass, this pitiable pile of goo quickly hacked its way up and produced tasteless t-shirts, horrid handbags, putrid plushies, ghoulish jewelry, and finally...despicable digis! Make sure you sleep with one eye open and your covers pulled all the way up, kiddies- because this creepy company is ready to spring out of your closet and aid you in your any need to spruce up those makeshift monsters of yours a price! A monetary price, that is! Let this spooky space serve as a rotten reminder that Strange Skin no longer accepts brew ingredients (fresh or dried nightcrawlers, newt, salamander or toad eyes, etc.), scalps, shrunken heads, british pounds (of flesh!), or pesos. Have a dreadful day, everyone, and an even more terrible tomorrow!"

Today when you enter by finding the hidden image, you have the chance to win three digi sets of your choice from Strange Skin! When you find it, email us and let us know where it is. ALso don't forget about your chance to win the Rick St Dennis digi set; email us the location of that hidden image as well.

Okay, I can't contain myself any longer. This project is super simple and I don't know why I love it so much, I think it's the combination of our As Death stamp set, which is one of my absolute favorites, and the awesome antique crochet lace that I've been wanting to use on a Halloween garland since I found it.

I started with some cardboard circles that I already had and covered them with a simple DP that looked distressed. Then I stamped my alternating images. That's it. I know, I know. I was thinking in my head "how dare I". But, it's exactly the look I wanted for it. Then I just framed each one with either black crepe paper & glitter glue, some of my crocheted lace, or twine. The final step was to run some twine through the backs of the circles, which conveniently already had the holes, and then hang my garland up.

*click for larger views

It is located in my entry way, and the room you see behind it will become my Halloween room, probably by this coming weekend. Transformations will start today!! So, what do you think? I hope it gives you some ideas for your own garland...even the simplest things can look amazing!!!

Have fun hopping the Wicked Bloggers today, and I'll see you tomorrow!