Friday, October 14, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 14- Creativity Revolution

Hello once again! I am feeling a little better today, although still tired, but thank you all for the well wishes!! Today is Friday, which means it's Smeared Ink day!!!

There was a little bit of confusion about the rules for our Wicked Bloggers today, so I just want to clarify...Wicked Bloggers get an extra entry for the grand prize drawing when they use ONLY Smeared Ink stamps on their project for Smeared Ink days each Friday. We love to see what you can do with our images, and what amazing ideas you all can come up with! Of course, this is not mandatory at all and we are enjoying all of the projects presented during our 31 Days celebration! We've been visiting each and every blog every day, and although we are not commenting, please know that we are thoroughly enjoying looking at everyone's hard work and sharing in the creativity!

So, as I said, today is Smeared Ink day!

Anatomy 101

Look for our hidden image somewhere in the Wicked Blogs to be entered to win our Anatomy 101 digi set. Here is a copy of the image (no, this isn't the hidden one) as we know today it's hidden really well!

Also, don't forget to look for the hidden Rick St Dennis image to win the fabulous digi set he has offered! Email us when you find them, and you will be entered for the drawing.

Ok, for my project today I made a canvas featuring the Front Facing Skull from Anatomy 101. This is less a "Halloween" project and more an an ode to the creativity that is 31 Days of Halloween.

A while back I made a similar canvas that featured the side facing skull and a hand drawn girl, and this one kinda matches.

*click for larger views

Out of the two, I love this one more. It just seems darker to me, which I love, and is more me. As I said, it started as ablank canvas and has tons of layers on it including decorative paper, newspaper, gesso, paint, paint, more paint, more newspaper, magazine scraps, more paint, and handwriting.

In case you can't read my horrible script, the writing in the eye sockets says "Look Within to Transcend Common Thought", and the Escape writing says "Escape the Boundary of Your Own Imagination". This is something that I try to do with each and every project, especially during 31 Days, when I can.

I am debating on whether or not to keep this for my Halloween room or sell it. Like I said, I love it so much, but will also be starting to work on and sell my canvases and altered items regularly through my etsy shop, so I haven't decided yet. Either way, I would love to get your advice about some pricing. I've never sold canvases before. If you were selling this piece, how much would you charge? If you were looking at buying it, how much would you pay? It is an 11x 17. Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated!!

So before you go, I just wanted to give you an update on Ruyke the kitty. Oh yeah, someone asked how you pronounce it and what it means- you pronounce it "Ruke" with a long u, and it means dark companion. Obviously she is a darker coloring, and she has become our companion so it fit :) Anyhoo, we took her to the vet last night and other than a cold, she is in pretty good health! They gave her a shot of antibiotics for the cold. She does have a missing k-9 tooth which they think was knocked out, so that may cause problems later, but for now she's doing good. They are guestimating her age at anywhere from 7 yrs to 12 yrs old, but more in the area of 7. She got all her immunizations, including rabies, and is now ready to join our family. She has been inside since yesterday and is doing great!! She loves the kids, LOVES being pet, has devoured all the food we gave her, and only hisses at Zombie (our little chihuahua/daschound) if he gets too close. She's twice as big as him, and since she can't claw him, I don't foresee any real problems. So, looks like it will be a perfect fit! I will get more pics later on for you all.

Ok, so I hope you enjoy your hopping today and get lots of inspiration! Have fun!


  1. Your canvas is awesome! I love it. I have no idea on pricing...I've actually wondered about it myself, since I've been doing more canvases lately. Glad you're feeling a little better! *hugs*

  2. Love your canvas it is awesome glad that the kitty is making her self at home. Sorry have no idea on what to charge for stuffn glad you are feeling better
    Luv Jane xxx

  3. OMG, AMAZING canvas! I can't even begin to imagine show long it took. WOW, 11x17 is huge! I spent $50 on a 12x12. I don't know if that helps at all, but keep up the AWESOME work! So glad to hear Ruyke is fine and has permanently joined the family. xxD

  4. I am only seeing 2 of your images, the others are just boxes :( WhaT I see I like, the skull is cool (eye sockets)
    so Ruke is Like rooook? Cool name, and glad you are feeling a bit better, and have a new family member!

  5. oooh I love the canvas! love how you wrote all over!
    yay for the new kitty!!! congrats!

  6. love the canvas, like the way you did the wrighting in the skulls eyes

  7. It's an amazing piece of art! When I was selling stuff (not art) I tried not to devalue my time by imagining who would be able to afford what I was offering. I priced according to the time and materials and figured if somebody liked a piece well enough they would pay whatever.

  8. Your canvas painting is wonderful!!! I would love to hang that in my craft area!!! I have no idea on the pricing as I have never bought any canvas art!!! (In all honestly I have never bought many pictures either!!!) I am working on making my own, that is why I am here... learning!!!! Okay... got side tracked again... I love the ESCAPE Quote!!! I am so happy that Ruyke is healthy and working out wonderful in the house!!! You are such a softy!!! I love it!!! Have a wonderful rest of the day!!!

  9. Oh wow, this is STUNNING. It's real art! And I'm so glad the kitty's doing ok :D

  10. I am so glad to know the kitty checked out good and everything is working out! Your canvas totally rocks hard girl! I mean it. I have no idea what things go for, but hope you find out. Id say keep it though, it's awesome!

  11. What a magnificent piece of art! love the darker colors with the pop of red.

  12. Your work is wonderful! Very inspiring!

  13. Ooooh - fabulous canvas - LUV it. I would expect to pay around $40 - $50 I would think, for one that size.
    Sooo glad you are feeling bit better today and it's GREAT new about kitty :-) :-) xxxxx

  14. I really love this canvas. layers and layers is what makes mixed media mixed. love what you did. I just got a new black kitty and cant come up with a name.
    How did you find that name.
    I need a name for my mean ass black kitty and I mean MEAN.

  15. awesome canvas,love the image and the grunginess

  16. it's so flippin' awesome!!!! it's a fabolous piece of art work! i hate pricing!!! i would say $75 to $150? maybe more? i really don't buy 'real' art, only prints. sorry, but it's gorgous!

  17. Glad to hear you are feeling better and welcome to Ruyke, I'm sure she will be very happy with you.

    Your canvas is amazing...... priceless!

    Fiona. x