Tuesday, October 25, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 25

Well, it's almost over, a little under a week left. Can you believe it? I can't; I still have not finished all that I have to do before Halloween, and I haven't even been participating as a Wicked Blogger! Well, I guess what gets done will get done. Hope you all are enjoying yourselves and all of the amazing projects this year!

Today you have one final chance to win an awesome prize from Crafty Chaos Designs! Once again, Crafty Chaos is offering up 2 items of your choice from the shop.

Email us the location of the Crafty Chaos hidden image as well as the Rick St Dennis hidden image to be entered for today's prizes! And have fun hopping the Wicked Bloggers today!


  1. Terra,
    Yes it has been a busy month, hope you finish what you need to do by Halloween, Are you taking the kids Trick or Treating?

  2. Wow Terra... it sure have been busy and fun!!! I must admit, I am getting pooped!!! LOL!!! But in a good way!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. This is such a blast and soo inspirational! thanks for all your hard work putting it together. yea, Susan! Love your stuff! xxD

  4. It has been fun but I am getting witches on the brain !!! :-D xxx