Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Day 15

Hello everyone, welcome to Day 15! We are HALF WAY THROUGH!! I can't believe it! How have you been enjoying it? I've really loved all of the outstanding ideas and really look forward to the rest of the month.

Today our sponsor is our very own Tori, who as you may or may know runs her own successful Scentsy business. Click the pic to visit her site.

As the pic says, Tori will be donating this very cool Fright Night Plug In Warmer to the winner of today's scavenger hunt! Isn't it super cool? I personally love these little plug in warmers. So, to qualify, visit Tori's blog (on the Wicked Blogger list) for details. Also don't forget about the Rick St Dennis hidden image.

So now the bad news, today I do not have a project to show you. Once again we had a competition yesterday and I did not get back until extremely late, which is also why my post is up late today. I know I should plan ahead, and for next weekend I definitely will, but I just didn't have the chance this time. I'm so sorry I have nothing to show you. But, on the bright side, that's one less blog to comment on as Horrifying Hoppers :)

However, I am positive you will find some amazing inspiration on the Wicked Blogs today!! And I already have an idea-a-brewin' for tomorrow's project, so please come back and visit me then.

Happy hopping!


  1. No worries Terra :) Wishing you more good luck on your competitions!

  2. I hope you did well with the competition! (I am still wondering what the competition is for, LOL)
    But I wish you all the best!

  3. Did not know she has her own store. Way cool. I hope I win it LOL!

  4. Wishing your kids the best of luck. Loving the hop! xxD

  5. no worries! have fun with the kiddos! and good luck!

  6. What a fun prize! Sorry that you didn't get to do a project for today.

  7. Oh... Not to worry Terra... I understand that you are super busy and that is why you don't have a project!!! Family is always supposed to come first!!!

  8. How did the competition go ??? I love these scentsy thingies... Great. xx

  9. Good luck in your competition. I'll check out your next post :)

    Fiona. x