Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Halloween:Day 2- Death Becomes Her

Welcome everyone to Day 2 of 31 Days of Halloween! How did you enjoy the hop yesterday? What an amazingly talented group of Wicked Bloggers, right? I know I was completely thrilled looking at all the projects; it definitely got my wheels turning!

Today we have even more for you, but first we have some sponsor information. Look above this post right under the sponsor will see a spot that says "Sponsor Winner for Saturday, October 1". This will be where you check winner information each time there is a sponsor prize to be given out. If the prize has not been drawn yet, you will see a message that says "Winner Coming Soon". Everyone has until 9am Pacific time to enter the scavenger hunt, basically until the next day's posts go live, so we will have the drawing shortly after.

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Now I'd like to share with you my project for Day 2. If you were around last year, you got to see part of my Halloween decorations in my house. I tend to go more for the distressed, creepy, eerie feel with just a little gore for good measure. Alot of this stems from me having young kids in the house. Anyways, my project today is the perfect example of that creepy style.

It is an altered jewelry box drawer mirror thingy that I found at the thrift store. It started out white and ended up, well, creepy.

I stared out by distressing with layers of paint, using my heat gun as I went along to burn and bubble. Then I added my doilies with modge podge and added more layers of paint. After it all dried, I distressed with Distress Ink, Kona Crackle, and more paint. Although it looks gold in the picture, the colors on the project are actually white, grey-blue, and brown. While everything finished drying, I worked on my mirror.

The Skull Front image is from Smeared Ink's Anatomy 101 digi set. I printed it out on cellophane and then wrapped my mirror. Super easy, and it produces a stunning reflection effect!

The flowers are made using sewing pattern paper, and I colored them up with some distress inks to make them look like old, dried flowers that had been sitting there a long time. The leaves are actual dried herbs from my garden.

Here you can see the doilies that I added, along with the jewelry that will be on display. The pearls belonged to my Grandmother, who passed October 29; it's been twelve years this month. They are not attached to the project, but I thought they looked stunning! The rocks are Citrine.

Here is a closeup of the drawers and the doilies I added there as well.

I really enjoyed making this project. Although it was alot of work, it was actually very relaxing. I hope it gives you some inspiration!!

Now it's time to hop through the other Wicked Blogs to see some superb art! Don't forget to leave your comments if you are a Horrifying Hopper, and have fun!!


  1. Oh WOW! this is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL! Just gorgeous and I love the mirror effect. Has a ghostly melancholy feel. xxD

  2. WoW - this is stunning. I love the colours and that wonderful distressed/aged look. The mirror bit is awesome. How big is this piece overall ??
    Ike xxx

  3. wow. you made those flowers? those are awesome.
    I like the whole thing but those flowers just stand out to me.
    I'm gonna have to learn how to make those.
    that is awesome jewelry box.
    I keep all mine in a wicker basket. lol
    thanks for sharing

  4. sewing pattern paper!

  5. Very, very cool! I prefer to decorate with creepy instead of gorey myself. Love that you printed the skull on clear. I enjoy doing that myself. Great project!

  6. This is gorgeous! Those flowers look so real and I love the skull on the mirror and all the!

  7. Terra,
    Wow really just wow! I love, love, love, your project! I cant tell you put a lot of work into this! Boy would I like to be the lucky person you give this too, they are going to be so thrilled! Presuming your giving to someone, I couldn't if I made it I would have to keep if for myself he he! It is so beautiful!!
    Blessed Be,

  8. This is such an awesome project! All I can say is WOW!!
    Had a great time Hopping Yesterday!

  9. This is a lovely haunting piece, in all senses of the word. The mirror thing you did is wonderful!

  10. I want a huge doll house that I can make into a haunted mansion and this piece would go perfectly in it! Words cannot even express how frickin' awesome this is! It is truly a work of art! I wish I could make cool stuff like this!

  11. Oh, so deliciously frightful. Well done!

  12. Oh my goodness Terra. This is absolutely beautiful! What a gorgeous project. What you did with the mirror is just brilliant too!

  13. Terra, this TOTALLY FREAKIN' ROCKS!!!!
    I am stunned with how wonderful a project this is. Speechless almost, for that to happen to ME. is a pretty big deal! LOL OMGoodness, I have a jewelry book that the glass top broke off, right after my daughter rec'd it as a gift (when she was 15) it is just collecting dust on my porch, cause I kept hoping to take it to a glass shop. She has no interest in it....BUT NOW I SURE DO!!!

    Please share with me (and others) how you printed on cellophane? To me cellophane is either the stiff kind of wrap for flowers or it is like Handi-wrap or saran-wrap.
    I thought you meant a transparency.

    I am sooo stoked about a massive redo now on this jewelry box...not sure it will be during this month or not, but YOU have definitely INSPIRED me!

    what a GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS piece!

  14. Creepy, but definitely gorgeous!:)

  15. Wow this is stunning fantastic work
    Luv Jane xxx

  16. This is absolutely gorgeous Terra! I love that you included your grandmother's pearls on your project. Awesome distressing on the box & mirror- way cool choice of image. WOW, is all I can say.

  17. wow Terra this is so beautiful I love it!!!!!

  18. Thank you all so much! I will try to get some tutorials done over the next week or so on making the flowers and also printing on the cellophane, it's really super easy...don't even know if it warrants a tutorial, but.... :)

  19. wow, stunning piece of art, love it!

  20. Oh Terra... This is a very precious creation! I know you wanted it to be creepy; but to me it is just precious!!! I love the Citrine Crystal's next to your Grandmothers necklace!!! That tells me you have such love for her! Back to your project... all I can say is Wow... first that you found it at the thrift store and second how you have redone it! Beautiful!!!

  21. Terra this is beautifull, it would look great on my dressing table :)

    Fiona. x

  22. oooooo! creepy goodness! love repurposing thrift store stuff....this is dynamite!

  23. That is way cool! I want one! Wish they sold these in stores! The distressing is superb and the skull is awesome on this!

  24. WOW! it's lovely and all the work you put into this! very pretty! marvolous!

  25. wow girl that is truly beautiful! I love it!!

  26. the reflection in the mirror. it looks just like me