Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 Days of Halloween Day 27- Insane Scrapbook

Hello everyone, welcome back!  Once again our very own Black Dragon is sponsoring with her beautiful handmade jewelry. To enter to win the item of your choice, find the hidden image and email us to let us know where it is.

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Today I do have a project to share with you. It is a digital scrapbook page and featured one of my favortie Halloween photos of all time.

*click for larger view

I used this same photo last year in one of my projects, so you may remember it. Every year we try to host or participate in a Haunted House. Well, this particular year a friend and I got together and planned out a Haunted House, and the theme was an insane asylum. In my opinion, it was the best one we ever did. My husband played the demented, psychotic doctor who was doing experiments on the patients. My now 12 yo, who was 6 at the time, played the little creepy girl patient who talked to the ghosts. She was super scary, I think maybe even more scary than everyone else, and she LOVED participating and being the little actress!

Well, her favorite line to say was "The ghosts like me but they don't like you", which she came up with all on her own, and she would say it in a creepy voice to the asylum guests as they walked through. Anyhoo, this picture was snapped after we were done and had come inside the house to relax. My husband was joking around with her as the doctor and he grabbed her to "strangle" her and we just happened to have the camera out. I just love the look on both their faces-they look happy and like they truly are enjoying themselves, which is why I love the picture so much.

For the page, I once again used the My Memories software, and just let me remind you to visit on the 31 for more about that. I included her fave quote, and also some journaling about the event. I also added in one of our Raven stamps, which I stamped and then scanned, then resized in photoshop. The raven is there because during the Haunted House, my friend's husband (as a patient) bit the head off of a fake bird, which was gross and completely genious, we didn't know he was going to do it. It's just a reference to that. Before anyone says anything, just know that my daughter was not a witness to this, lol. We kept her out of the gory aspects of the house because of her age.

So, I am completely in love with digital scrapbooking. I have tried some normal scrapbook pages and although I am good at it, I just don't have time. I will probably have lots of these to share in the future. I hope you enjoy it and that this page gave you some ideas. Have fun hopping today!


  1. I love it! creepyness!! fabulous!

  2. Absolutely freaking awesome! Your layout is fabulous and the picture deserves lots of pages in scrapbooks!

  3. wow what fabulous pages. awesome what you did with the pics. thats way too cool

  4. Terra,
    Wow that's so cool looking recycled pic or not! I love how you made it look like negatives on ea. side (or whatever it's called) Looks awesome! Love all your boarder trim too! Wonderful job!

  5. OMG!!!! That sounds like the coolest Haunted House EVER! LOVE the story AND the page. Just FABULOUS, Tori! xxD

  6. OOOps! I mean Terra, and WooHoo, another FAB sponsor! LOVE BD's stuff! xxD

  7. Terra, THIS is a gorgeous page! I am a "real" scrapbooker, and digitally impaired and I can tell you that those flowers look so 3D and like a "real" SB L/O. you TOTALLY ROCKED this!

    I love how you made the negative images great :)

    We live out in the boonies, everyone has acreage. the boy scout reservation and the girl scout camps are both down our roads. I was very involved in GS, and they ran a Haunted House every other year at the main building of the GS camp(which is huge, including a basement) The cadettes and seniors would be the ones who made it, worked it, acted in it etc. As it earned them the badge "The Play's the thing" and the $$ charged for the juniors and brownies to come to it. went into the 2 older girl "financial aid" funds for any cadette and senior going on a "wider Op" or something expensive like the cruises and all. Each troop or couple of troops of kids that came thru at a time were given 1 hour, to get through the HH, and then have refreshments upstairs in the kitchen.
    I had the honor, of being one of the cadette troop leaders one year that helped work on it, and I also volunteered to be the adult "CREEP" at the entrance which started at the back end of the basement, outside. Believe it or not. I was dressed up as a dead-reanimated (zombie) "Howard Stearn" because once I put the wig on, everyone said HOLY CRAP, YOU'RE HOWARD STEARN!!! My plan was just to be a freaky zombie. LOL
    My troop had a blast! One of my girls got to be the girl in the coffin that pops up, and my daughter was one of the creepy "Mad scientists". It was also fun to see my younger daughter come through with her troop. (I followed them in and got behind the scenes, and was able to see her reactions etc. unfortunately one spot real scared her and then for the rest of the walk through she was crying and a bit freaked out. (another adult zombie inside jumped out from behind a "paper wall") She still goes to HH from time to time, but has a fit with people jumping out at her. I told her that is the fun of it, is the unexpected "startle...which the extra bang of it being scary" Thank you for making me have this walk down memory lane today!

    I hope everyone by you is ok. :)
    My throat and ear are back at it full force! :(

  8. Terra... Thank You for sharing one of fondest memories with us!!! You explained it so it felt like we were their with you at that time!!! I think it is awesome, and their is no reason not to keep this memory alive each year!!! I love it and what you have done digitally as a scrap page!!!! Awesome!!!

  9. What an awesome page. If you hadn't told me it was all digital I would have sworn those flowers were real.

  10. Love this page Terra! What a wonderful memory keep forever. Really cool embellishments for your page - are they included w/the software? I remember years ago digital scrapbookers weren't considered "real" scrapbookers. Glad things have changed Awesome layout!

  11. FABULOUS page and your scary house sounded awesome. This is a bueatiful page. I have started to dabble in DSB and could really get quite hooked !!! :-D xxx

  12. I love this are a digital genius!