Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 15-31 Days of Halloween: Creepy Raven Doll

We're halfway done with 31 Days! I really cannot believe that it has gone by this quickly. I am having so much fun! It seems almost like a whirlwind of stamping and inspiration, I almost want to halt time so I can take a sec to try some of the other projects that have been featured on the Wicked Blogs, but I guess there will come a time for that. For now I'd like to say thank you to both the Wicked Blog participants for hanging in there and really providing us with a wonderful hop; and also to all of you who come through each day as hoppers and lurkers! Thank you so much to those of you who have been leaving such fabulous comments and really encouraging all of us in our creativity!

I just have to share a quick little story with you...I was talking to my mom on the first day of 31 Days and she said to me 'I thought you weren't going to do that again'. My reply to her was that I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment! Ha ha! I'm sure all of us have thought to ourselves at least once so far 'what did I get myself into?' But, it's because of all of you who come through the blogs and encourage us that I think it makes it all worth while. I hope everyone continues to get inspiration and ideas from each other; I know all the Wicked Blogs have definitely blown me away! Thanks gals!

So, I think you remember me saying at the beginning of all this that I was going to try and make it through all month without buying new supplies. I'm happy to report, so far so good! Today my project is an altered item that I bought about three months ago from Goodwill. Like many of my "alterable" items, this one got tossed into a closet and forgotten. She is this poor little porcelain doll that I rescued, doesn't she just look so neglected?

After taking a good look at her, I decided that I needed to turn her into a Creepy Raven Doll, and what better stamp set to use than our Quoth The Raven set from Smeared Ink! I started by first removing her clothes and hair, and then went to town with my paints. When the many coats dried, I added details onto her face. For her dress, I distressed it, stamped the "Nevermore" saying across the bottom edge, beaded the waistline, and added orange and black tulle at the hem. I also distressed her bloomers which you can't see in the pics.

I then took a scrap piece of cloth and stamped my raven onto it. Then stitched the edges and stuffed it to make her raven pet. Finally I tied a string attaching her raven, and tied a bow in her hair.

*click pics to view larger

I really hope you like her, I think she looks amazing! There are a few things that I would like to do differently if I ever make another, like add a black sash, but since I was using only the supplies I had on hand, this is what I came up with. I'd love to hear what you think.

Oh, and yesterday just flew by and I didn't get the chance to come back in and announce the winner for the hidden image! So, I will do that now...
We had eight people find Ivy's broom on Alison's blog. I put them in order of the entry arrival, and the winner by random # is:
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Max: 8
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Helen! Congratulations Helen, Alison will be sending you your Witch Ivy digi from Wild Flower Kids, and I hope you enjoy her!

So now it's time to hop on through the Wicked Blogs. Thanks for visiting me today, and I hope you liked my creepy doll!


  1. WOW! she looks amazing!!! so very creapy, like she going to hide under the bed and wait until night! love it!!!!

  2. I thought very long and very hard on doing the Wicked Blog for 31 days, which is why I waited till the last minute to say yes, and every day I say "am I out of my mind?" The answer is yes, yet I can't stop! I know I could stop, and say I can't finish, but I would lose all that inspiration I see everyday! And all of the wonderful comments!! I have found that 31 days is worth the sacrifice, and the insanity!! I'm totally loving it!

    AND, your doll is Sick! She is totally creepy! Great job!!

  3. O! M! G!
    that is fanfrekintastic!

    dolls scare the shiz out of me, but this is ultra creepy! I love her!!
    (gotta burn the image out with needles, but this is awesome!)

  4. Holy smokin wickedness! She is fantastic. You should make more and sell them!

  5. OMG, she is FABULOUS!!! Amazing that you haven't had to buy a thing! (Means we all probably have too much stuff, LOL.) xxD

  6. She is amazing. You are so talented in so many things. She needs to come to my house.

  7. She is spooky. I love creepy dolls so much. I hope to have a go at this myself someday

  8. Ooh, she kinda freaks me out! Great job! I love that you used "Nevermore" as a border on her dress. You could also stamp the crow on fabric and then stuff it...then she could really have a toy!

  9. WOW! How do you come up with these ideas!?! She is FABULOUS! Very creepy and sad. Another thing to put on my list... dolls... wow wow wow!

  10. Oh WOW this doll is fantastic ... makes me want to have a go and do that. Unfortunately, at the mo - the kids all grown up and only a grandson - I'd have to go buying. Not this month then. Love the stamping on her dress and her cute toy, but the distressing of her face takes the biscuit for me
    Helen xx
    BTW thanks for picking me for the WFK digi :)

  11. Wow I am speachless this is totally
    awesome just love it
    Luv Jane xxx

  12. so here is the deal, DOLLS CREEP ME OUT ANYWAY. This one..... ok, run for the money with Chuckie is all I'm saying!

  13. She is totally creepy! love it

  14. I love your creepy doll! she is great I love her facial expression! very well done and I love the dress!!! as always I am awed by what you do!

  15. K, so usually when we talk to each other about projects, I never quite picture it correctly in my head. Not this time, when you said you were working on a doll I so totally pictured this! That kinda scares me a little!!! I freakin love it though!!!

  16. Wowzers! I love this wicked doll! WOW! What a nightmare...absolutely perfect! This is totally amazing - I just love it!