Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 8- 31 Days of Halloween: Lonely Boy Torture Book

I bet that title got your attention! Welcome back to 31 Days of Halloween on the S&S Blog. If you haven't been around for the past 7 days, you can catch up on all the rules and regs by visiting THIS post.

First things first; yesterday we had an awesome hidden prize from Strange Skin, and I'm sure you all want to know who the winner is. We had seven people figure out that Frankie was hidden on Lady Brayton's Blog. I've put all the names in order, and the winner by random # is...

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The winner is Sugar!! Sugar, you get to choose one digi from Strange Skin's Famous Monster Collection! Please email me with your choice and I will pass on your information. Woo Hoo! Congrats!

So, now for my Day 8 project. I meant to make this at the beginning of 31 Days so I could jot down all my Halloweenie ideas, but it just didn't happen until now. It is a book that I made using an old hardback book. If you follow my blog, you have probably seen my books/journals before and know how I make them. But, if you don't know, what I do is find an old hardback book and cut out the whole page block. Then I alter the cover to suit my needs by cutting to size and decorating, and then I insert a brand new page block that I buy from Hollander's. I love doing this because I can use the cut out pages for other projects (or recycle them), and reuse a cover.

*click pics for larger views

For this one, I wanted it to be a little morbid. I started with deco paper that I grunged up with distress ink and stazon. Then I stamped my crosshatch pattern from Quoth The Raven(Smeared Ink) all over it- I think this is one of my fave background stamps. I completely covered my book cover with the paper, adding mitered corners to the inside to make it nice and neat.

My next step involves a black plastic mesh bag that some of my Halloween decorations came in last year. Yes, I kept it...I keep EVERYTHING, I think it's a disease...
I took the bag, and wrapped it around the front cover, attaching it to the inside but leaving one end open near the spine.

Next, I made a spider web out of hot glue on top of a piece of parchment paper. When dry, I peeled it off in one piece. I took a scrap piece of leather and spray painted it white, then placed the spider web over top of it and sprayed it again in black. This left a spiderweb imprint on the leather, and also colored my spiderweb. The leather slid behind the mesh bag and was secured. The spiderweb was then secured on top of the mesh.

Lonely Boy from Lonely Boy and Puff (Smeared Ink) was stamped into paperclay and left to dry. When dry, I painted him in black and then overcolored in a pinkish-beige that kinda gives me the impression of skin. Eeeewwwww, gross! He looks like a flap of skin on the front of the book! Now you know where I got the title from. Going along with this theme, I decided to string him up with "ropes" and nail them down. To finish off the cover, I added the inner horror saying from our As Death set.

I'm sorry the description is sooooooooo long, but this was a pretty involved project. I can't wait to use it, though, to jot down all of my fun Halloween ideas for this year. This way I have a record of it in case I don't get to do everything. I hope it inspires you to make your own idea journal as well. Have fun hopping through our Wicked Blogs today, and I'll "see" you tomorrow!


  1. dude, this is freakin' awesome!!! don't worry, your not the only one with the "i can't throw that away, cause i might use it in something one day" disease.

  2. Your book is fantastic what a great piece of art
    Luv Jane xxx

  3. I'm sitting here re-reading all this over and over. It gorgeous. Love the way lonely boy looks, as you say, like a flap of skin. Tying him down is a grat idea. Thakyou for sharing
    Helen xx

  4. Fabulously creep-tastic! It's twisted and awesome! Love your use of hot glue and paper clay! You did some really awesome techniques here!

  5. WOW! That was a very involved project!! I love the removal of the book paper and inserting blank book paper! Never thought to do that! I just glue a few of them together, add gaffers tape to the edge, and gess over. That is a great idea, may have to borrow it!

    Poor Lonley boy!! Tortured again. But, he is a ghost. I don't think it hurts!!!

    Awesome job!

  6. OMG Terra! this is the coolest! I save my mesh too! LOL And I can't wait to try the hot glue web idea. Brilliant! Now I'm off to M's to buy paper clay! Sheesh! LOVE this! xxD

  7. omg I have no idea why I laughed when I saw this.. but i did! Love it! His little face.. poor guy!

  8. Great book cover and idea about jotting down your Halloween ideas.

  9. Freaky to the max! When I first say that I said to myself...ew that looks like skin... so glad that's what you were going for I'm lovin' it! Really going to had to find my hot glue gun now, awesome web!

  10. Paper clay is on my list, I love all the different textures on this. Just Awesome.

  11. That book is wicked awesome! Really glad you shared all the details - helps showcase just how awesome it is!!

  12. I love this project. I'm another who keeps things for craft purposes

  13. wow terra that looks totally wicked..

  14. That is a really awesome book! I really need to try the paperclay.

  15. wow Terra this is so so cool! I'm going to have to find me some books...I'm probably going to have to search your blog for more of these...thank you so much for all the details..I gotta try that spider web! thanks again great book!!

  16. OH MY! This is AMAZING! I absolutely love it and now I NEED one. I am thrilled you shared how. I kept thinking the boy looked like he was designed on leather (skin :)) and love it. Love it ALL!!!!!

  17. OMG! This just blew me away! I can't get over how cool this is! I can't wait to make a book cover of my own!!!

  18. This is ultra cool! I love all the texture!