Thursday, October 15, 2009

Zombie Mail Parchment Set

Today is Thursday, which means Cajun Stampin Queen and I have gotten together to bring you a theme. So far this month we've been featuring themes that revolve around certain things, so today we decided to feature a technique instead-watercoloring.

It's been a really, REALLY long time since I've pulled out my watercolors; in fact I think it's been close to a year or maybe more. I'm not used to doing it anymore, but I was pleasantly happy with the outcome of my project.

Do you remember way back when, I posted a lunchbox and a couple of other items that I had found at the consignment shop? If not, check out my altered lunchbox post. One of the items was a pack of vintage parchment paper in a box, and it had six envelopes and lots of sheets of parchment that were already slightly discolored, stiff, and pretty old looking. They were great! Well, the box found its way into my closet and never left, until now.

I doubt that when Eaton's made this set they intended it to be overrun with zombies, but that's what happened! To make my stationary ensemble, I stamped my Third Coast zombie using stazon on both envelopes and papers. Then I just watercolored away with a brush and my watercolor crayons! It was a very relaxing project to work on. I'm not used to having so little control over how the colors blend, like I said, I'm no watercoloring expert, but I enjoyed mixing the shades and seeing how it all blended. Other than a few muddled spots, I think it turned out pretty neat.

*Wanna see a close up? Click the pics!*

And since the paper was already distressed, my work was easy! I ended up with six envelopes and 18 sheets of paper, ready to deliver a frightening letter! I can't wait to use these, and maybe make some more as gifts. Of course, I'll have to find more parchment sets, but I still have one lying in wait.

So now it's your turn; your challenge if you choose to accept it, is to show off one of your watercolored stamp projects. Link to it in a comment under this post to get 5 Blog Candy entries. Don't remember what the blog candy is? Use the link in my sidebar to take a lookie. If you don't want to watercolor, but still want an entry, leave me a comment and tell me what you think! See you all tomorrow.


  1. Fantastic coloring job. These would sell very well. Someone is going to receive an awesome gift set.

  2. I love the image. Great colouring and a great excuse to get out my watercolours

  3. Wicked cool stamp! Great idea on the envelopes