Friday, October 23, 2009

DIY Day of The Dead Warmer

Welcome to Smeared and Smudged! Today I'm sharing a very special blog post, I am the guest blogger for Mrs B! I know I've been having a blast participating in Mrs. B's giveaways, reading all the guest bloggers, and visiting the blog tour participants. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should!

If you are new to Smeared and Smudged, this is a blog dedicated to unique and interesting ways to use rubber stamps. I love trying weird and fun things with all of my stamped art, and this month I am sharing 31 Days of Halloween and Day of The Dead Projects! You are very welcome to view previous posts to see all of my Halloween projects.

Since I've been focusing alot on Halloween, I decided I'd share a Day of the Dead project with all of you today. But you can always take this project and use it for Halloween, or any other day for that matter. It is a DIY Scentsy Warmer, and I've blinged it out in the Sugar Skull Collection from Bombshell Stamps.

The warmers are phenominal, and if you've never heard of them, they are a candle-less warmer that fills your home with fabulous scents. Scentsy offers tons of scents to choose from, and recently they rolled out these DIY warmers that you can decorate yourself. They also offer some rub-ons/decorations, which is great, but what fun is that if you have stamps! Here's what I did to mine:

*if you wanna see close-ups, click the pics*

You can see the little green scent bar melting in the top of my warmer. I forgot to mention before, the best thing about these warmers is although they get hot enough to melt the scent, they do not get hot enough to burn. I can pour the wax out on my arm and it won't hurt. So it's safe for kids, dogs, etc. since it uses a bulb instead of a candle.

I loved stamping on mine, and plan on offering these already decorated in the near future in my etsy shop. But, if you're like me and would enjoy stamping your own, you can order them from my sister Tori, who is my Scentsy consultant. She's an awesome person, and has been gracious enough to offer a special 10% discount to anyone who wants to order a DIY warmer today only. Visit her site to read about all the great Scentsy products, and then shoot her an email and mention Smeared and Smudged to get your discount. (Make sure you email or you won't be able to get the 10% off!)

This was one super fun project to work on, and I'll be using it every Halloween to decorate my home! I'll probably even make a few more with some traditional spooky stuff on them. So if you wanna let me know what you think about my warmer, leave me a comment. You'll also be entered into the huge Blog Candy drawing at the end of the month. For details on that, check out my sidebar. Happy stamping, and Happy Halloween!


  1. What a lovely welcome and blog. Wow, that is a great variety of Dia de los Muertos skulls!

  2. I love stamping just never have had the patience for such detail... love it... thanks for sharing..

  3. i love this! sugar skulls are one of my fav. things!

  4. I am in awe! You are SO creative with your stamping! I guess I get so overwhelmed by all of the options, I don't do any at all! lol

    But your work is inspirational, so I may find myself hauling out all of the stamps and papers that I've collected over the years!

    Thanks for the great welcome and for sharing with us!

    Happy Halloween!!

  5. Wow, Your art is so awesome! How beautiful is this box! Wish I was talented like this! :o)

    What a great post for Mrs. B.'s party!

    Kisses from Nydia.

  6. This is totally fantastic and it's useful as well as decorative!

    Way cool and beautifully done!

  7. love your art - love the scent stands - just beautiful

  8. I love it! Do you put a protective coat over it? What type of paint do you use?

  9. This sounds wonderful. Lovely to find you through Mrs. B~

  10. Gorgeous Terra, and I love the sugar skull variety! Really great job!!!

  11. Geek Wife, I did not put a protective coating, I wasn't sure how it would react to being heated so opted not to for now. I am going to see how this one wears, but it seems to have adhered quite well :). I used stazon ink to stamp the images, then Sharpie paint pens to color and they both are holding up great; I've had my warmer on for 24 hours and no signs of peeling or melting off!

    I would think any type of paint pens or heat-resistant permanent paint would work (maybe ceramics paint, but you won't be able to fire it? Don't know cause I've never used them). If you end up trying something else, please let me know your results, I'd love to compare notes :)

    I'm so happy everyone loves the project!! Thanks for all the great comments and I hope you enjoy my blog!

  12. Ha! I am totally in love with the skellie with the martini! Lvoing the tunes too!
    October blessings!

  13. Wow Terra! This is SO creepy and cool! I love it! Those stamps are fantastic!

  14. Wow! This is freakin' awesome! You nailed this one!

  15. Wow! These are fabulous! I never thought to STAMP on the Scentsy burner (which, by the way, I LOVE Scentsy!)

  16. These are so cool. You did a fantastic job with the stamping/coloring.
    I just read this today on Sunday. Wish I could still get the discount.
    I would probably order a few of them to make as gifts.