Thursday, October 22, 2009

Glitterfied Skully Bugs

Well, I've decided to show you a different project than I had originally planned since there are only a few hours left today, and I'm still not done with the other. So I'm sharing the skully bug cards that I made for my sister.

Each holiday my sister orders postcard-type cards from me that have a blank spot for her to add a picture of my niece. For Halloween she wanted skully bugs that were similar to the design of her baby blog.

My one year old niece is going to be a ladybug for Halloween, and I just know everyone will love her picture pasted to these cute cards! The blank black spot on the card is the matt for the pic, and the stars and skull eyes are glitterfied with black glitter. Hope you enjoy!


  1. that is a good idea for kids! very cute

  2. Those skully bugs are so cute. I love ladybugs anyway as my daughter is affectionately known as lil bug.
    Great cards

  3. Your sister is going to love these. Your niece's picture is going to be adorable on them.