Thursday, October 8, 2009

Creepy Crow Punk Pouch

Day 8... wow this month is flying by! If you haven't joined me on my blog before, welcome to 31 Days of Halloween, a month long tribute to cool Halloween and Day of The Dead projects! If you've been here before, welcome back! All the 31 Days info is in my sidebar, so be sure to check that out if you haven't already.

Today is Thursday, which means Cajun Stamping Queen and I have gotten together to bring you a themed project. And today's theme is...treats!! We decided to make items that can hold all of our wicked little treats that we'll be collecting this month! After you're done here, be sure to visit Cajun Stamping Queen and see her stamped treat.

Last year, for my daughter's class at school , I punched out a whole bunch of cute little black pillow boxes. We decorated them, filled them with candy, and sent them for her to give out. I had a few left over and they've been stored this long. So when Kelli and I discussed today's theme, my plan was to create another pillow box.

Well, when I sat down to stamp, I screwed my first one all up! I stamped in the wrong direction from what I meant to, so had to start over. When I reached into my drawer for another template, *gasp* there were none left!! At least not in any halloween colors...

So, I pulled out my sizzix and die, and as I was doing so, I glimpsed a big scrap piece of leather that I've been holding onto. And then it all came flooding in, a new idea!!!!!

I punched a pillow box from my leather and decided to make a punk pouch! This bad boy is perfect for filling with any type of little treats, and you can see in my third (slightly blurry) picture that I've filled mine with pink and white licorice candy. But the best thing about this pouch is that it can be used after Halloween to hold neat little things like lipstick, jewelry, or credit/shopping cards. Just fill it up, tie it shut, and drop it in your purse! Perfect for someone special you know, or for yourself.

*click pics for closeups*



Everything happens for a reason, right?

For my punk pouch, I used an awesome crow stamp and transparency sheet from Prickley Pear Rubber Stamps. You can view all of their fab products at their online store.

I'm debating on adding some of these pouches to my etsy store, which is being established as we speak, so I'd love to hear your opinions! Plus, any comment gets you entered for Blog Candy!! If you'd like to participate in a challenge and get 5 extra entries, make a "treat" project and upload the link in a comment under this post. Hope you enjoy, and have a great Day 8!


  1. Love your punk pouch. Did you cut it in your diecut machine or did you have to do it by hand? I think you should include the candy with it in the ones for your store. I know if I had a teen daughter I would buy one for her Halloween treat.

  2. I just posted your button on my blog: Paper Crafts, Pass It On . It's in the bar on the right side.

  3. Awesome. Just freakin' awesome. What a wonderful, happy "mistake!" I love it.

  4. Thank you both! Char, I punched it with my machine, but there were some parts that didn't go through so I had to go back in with some scissors

  5. Brilliant project. No mistakes, just lessons. LOVE the whole black and pink theme.
    I also made some treat holders as well on my blog

  6. Creepy Glowbug, thanks so much for sharing your site! Awesome projects there, can't wait for your etsy store to go up, I'll definitely be a customer :) Love all the clay goodies!!!!

  7. So cool Terra! What a fun project!

  8. This is really ööööuuu...words flyed away!
    It`s something beautiful and grazy :)
    I would keep it everywhere with me, my money, keys,and cicarettes, and all at this small funny item :)

  9. I love them. You should definitely sell them as I have no die cutting machi ne and I really do believe I need one

  10. This is freakin adorable! I LOVE the crow and swirly design on the front. DEFINITELY put them in your shop.