Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day of The Dead Tealight Holder- Bombshell Hump Day Hop

Today marks alot of things here on Smeared and Smudged. It is day 14 of 31 Days of Halloween. It is the 6th Bombshell Hump Day Hop. And, it is the first time I am featuring a Day of The Dead project! So welcome to the hop, I hope you enjoy it!

The theme for this week's hop is "What was I thinking?"

We've all said it, we've all thought it, now the Bombshell Design Team Members are showing it off! This was quite a challenge for me, and not because I don't hoard things or have an impulsive shopping disorder like so many others... it's because I recently cleared out all of those long forgotten purchases and have almost bare shelves! Not really, but most of what I have I use frequently, so it was hard.

I'm running short on What Was I Thinking supplies, but, I did manage to dig this bad boy out. It is a Christmas cookie tin that has been waiting in the deep dark recesses of a closet, just waiting for the right altering project to come along!

To prepare this tin for its magic makeover, I pulled out a butane torch, some safety goggles, and a breathing mask, and burned the paint off. Don't try this at home without a breathing mask! The fumes are toxic!! Then I used a wire brush to scuff it up a bit and get the rest of the paint off. Finally, I cut the tin into a strip, removing the bottom and top circle portions. This gave me a good surface to stamp on.

Using stazon, I stamped out my sugar skull images that came from the Bombshell "Sugar Skulls" and "Alter Skulls" sets. I used tin snips to cut out my shape, and then went to town with my paint pens. I know the coloring techniques are very similar to last week's hop project, but I had so much fun with that one, I wanted to do it again!

Unfortunately, the finish on the tealight holder is so glossy that I had some problems taking pics without glare! So I took some inside and outside. The outside pictures have a truer color, and the inside ones have more detail, so between the two you can get the idea.


click pics for larger views


(that's bright light on the bottom is my candle)

I hope you enjoy what I did! This is my first Day of The Dead decoration, and I plan on making lots more. Don't forget to leave your comment for entries to both the Bombshell Contest and the 31 Days of Halloween Blog Candy. Then visit the other Bombshell DT members:



Miss Magoo

Jacquie (Ms.October!)


Sarah K

Glittery Katie




And don't forget to give Kelli a visit to see her 31 Days of Halloween Project! Happy Hump Day!


  1. Awesome! So not what I pictured when we talked about it! Better than what I pictured though!

  2. Of my goodness! When I alter a cookie tin it looks like a cookie tin with paper on it. When you alter a cookie tin IT TOTALLY ROCKS and is a brand new thing.

    Can't wait to try this technique.

    You never fail to inspire. Thank you for that.

  3. oh wow! that is a great candle holder! i'm loving these new stamps.

  4. I am floored! I would never have thought to "alter" something in such a way that it is unrecognizable and DH would have a heart attack if I picked up a butane torch. This is fantastic!

  5. That is stunning. When I first read altered cookie tin I imagined something totally different.

  6. Holy Butane torch Batman! I absolutely LOVE this. Wowza, I'm glad you cleaned things out, this one is definitely a keeper.

  7. Can you ever alter a cookie tin. Wow! They are beautiful.

  8. Wow it is so cool! the ambiance light looks great on it too!

  9. Wow, Terra, you did a fantastic job making a completely new thing out of a cookie tin. Inspires me to take some of the tins I've collected for years and make something besides a card.

  10. Sheesh. My jaw just hit the floor! Wow.

    This totally rocks. So many gorgeous details and such a lot of work.

    It's stunning.

  11. I am in absolute awe! So amazing!!

  12. Wholy moly girl! Goggles & butane torches!!! You really showed that cookie tin by turning it into something SO stunning!

  13. Wow Woman! This is amazing and gorgeous! It would be a permanent fixture in our home ;o)