Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cool Compositions & Blog Candee Winner!

Since school starts tomorrow for my girls, I thought it would be very cool to make my 16yo an altered composition book. Anyone who has kids knows that at least one of these black and white notebooks will be on their school supply list. They make them in neon colors now, but wouldn't it be so much cooler with a stamp?

I got the idea for this one after receiving an awesome digi-stamp from Carol at Altered Expression. This was one of my first attempts at using a digi stamp on anything other than a card, and it took a little bit of playing around since my printer ink runs when wet, but I think the end product is fab and I learned some interesting new techniques along the way!

I was also inspired by Gutter Girlz End of the Month MOJO: stamping with every day items using acrylic paints. This notebook received an all-out corrugated cardboard and leaf treatment!

Ooops...I almost forgot! Blog Can-dee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had so many people comment and follow, thanks everyone! The winner of Christmas Blog Candy is (and I really had my daughter draw out of a hat!):


Kathi, email me your address and I'll get your candy out to you ASAP. Congrats!!


  1. You know Jewel is going to want one!!! Thanks!!! LOL

  2. Yahoo! I won! Yay.

    BTW, that's gorgeous. I love that image.

  3. this is amazing - but what is a digi-stamp?!!!!!

  4. I asked the same question about two months ago...had no clue there was even such a thing! It's basically a "stamp" image that you purchase online and it comes to you from that company in a picture format (like jpg or pdf). You then print it out from your computer and use it like you stamped it out yourself. There are up sides and down sides in my opinion, but I'm enjoying expanding my image options! If you search for digi stamp on google, tons of companies and etsy shops will come up.

  5. But how is that different than just buying clip art?

  6. It's not :) The only difference that I have found is the quality of the pictures and variety of the images. If someone knows more about it, please feel free to comment. I am still learning alot about what is called hybrid crafting, which uses both traditional paper crafting methods and digital crafting (digi stamps, printable collage sheets, etc.)
    I still prefer a rubber stamp in my hands, but I can see how digital can make storage solutions easier (you can just print it when you need it) and give you quicker and broader access to more images. On the downside, I had to learn to work with it. Like I said in my post, the image does not come out waterproof, so any glazes or watercoloring after printing is definitely out of the question.

  7. I guess learning image transfer techniques would be a good way to go with these - if you print images on a Laser printer that is toner based and not ink based the image won't smear! Also you can then use matte gel as a way to transfer the image ... i've fooled around a little with "hybrid-scrapping" but not enough to really produce anything i like. Thanks for letting me know and these digi-stamp things - i shall check them out!

  8. Image transfer, great idea! I know my printer doesn't have any toner so I'd have to take it to a copy place, but I love doing those! I also forgot to mention another upside to the digi stamp...you get a perfect image every time! No restamping or smearing :)