Monday, August 31, 2009

Turning Your Gears Card

Happy Monday, everyone! Ok, I admit it, cheesy title. For this card I used some really cool watch gears and parts, and I positively LOVE it. It's a pretty simple trifold layout, but the circles and stripes theme and peek-a-boo window make it very elegant and fun. I even added an antique brooch closure on the side that offsets the other circles.

On the inside, I chose not to stamp any words, but a saying could easily be stamped or written on the back piece after the second fold. The stamped image featured is from Kimberly Crick at The Enchanted Gallery.


  1. You were right!!!! I love it!!!!!

    I need a jar full of goodness, or whatever it is that the girls call it!!! LOL

  2. ooohhhhlalalalalala with the found object clock gear parts. makes me want to go to an antique store and find an old clock and take it apart!