Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Congrats Pop-Up

I made this card for my sister to give to her very best friend who is graduating from college this week. I love making pop-ups and since her friend is such a cool person I was able to use the Bombshell set called "Man's Ruin". The center picture on the inside pops up about 2 inches from the backing, which you can't see very well in the picture, and the "congratulations" arches up and back a little. Although the card did not come out EXACTLY as I pictured it to be in my head, and it took for-e-va, I still think it's pretty cute for a graduation and could be used for any kind of celebration. Plus, like I'm sure I've said before,anything that has Bombshell stamps on it is pretty sweet in my book :) Enjoy!


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  1. Wicked!!!!! I love it very much, I do have to say though I am starting to have withdrawls from my stamp sets, but I am not done with yours yet so not quite ready to beg for them back!!!!!

    Here's to Happy Little Trees"!!!!!

  2. Wow ! i really liked this pop up concept , i dont create much cards though but i would love to learn it looks interesting!