Thursday, August 13, 2009

PCP Bombshell Challenge- Song Lyrics

I know, so many posts in such a short time! I've been a busy, busy girl! So on the PCP Bombshell group, Kathi put out a challenge for us to use song lyrics on a project, which I think is totally cool. There were so many songs that I wanted to use and I listen to a wide variety of music; but when I thought of this song an idea immediately popped into my head. The song is "In This Twilight" by Nine Inch Nails, and I think you can see the lyrics clearly in the pictures. If not click on the pic and it will take you to a larger view.

I decided to make a triptych card with a jeweled latch and black and white sculpture paper for the outside. The inside features black and white distressed tiles that fade up into a sky and a bombshell butterfly that uses stamps from the Butterfly Queen Set. The wings are from Kimberly Crick.

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and it made me want to use lyrics as inspiration again in the future. Thanks Kathi!


  1. Wow. That's seriously cool. I love everything about it!

    Thanks for taking my challenge!

  2. I love it I love all your work I cant sign up for the artist I already was do I GET 10 POINT :)lOVE THE CANDY !!!!SARAHK

  3. Love your take on the challenge!!

  4. ok this card kicked seriously! its totally the bomb I kid you not , insane work , thanks for inspiring me

  5. WOW, that kicks some serious butt Terra!!! I adore everything about it and think it overflows with creativity! Love the shrine style too, I'm really into that right now.