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August Featured Artist

Round two: I have an awesome featured artist to profile this month, and her name is Sarah K. Thank you Sarah for all the hard work you put into this feature and all the outstanding projects! When Sarah submitted her entries, I was struck by her interesting use of embellishments and her cool use of color. She definitely looks at her stamping as an art, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her work! I can't wait to see more from her, and I'm sure you can't wait to see what I'm talking about, so here ya go!

Sarah Says:

“Hello, my name is Sarah Ketchum, founder of Sarahs Crazy Creations and I also run my own group called Any Stamp Will Do.

I am a mother to a beautiful, healthy two year old son who fills my life with joy, and a wife to a supportive husband that has stuck by my side and supported me and my “Card Making” passion 100%.

About 3 years ago, he told me to find a hobby; I would have never imagined that making cards and scrap booking would not only become my hobby, but became my passion in just a short couple of years. And I have developed a love for arts & crafts in general and appreciate any hand made or custom made art.

Roughly two years ago I attended my first Stampin' Up! class, and that is when I fell in love with rubber stamps, stamping, and card making. A card always puts a smile on somebody's face, and creating something that makes people happy provides personal gratification for me.

I love to try new things, and I'm always seeking to learn new tips & tricks for my next project. I am always looking for design team positions, and would like to personally thank Terra for giving me the opportunity to show off my work, and my abilities to everyone.

I am in the middle of a HUGE project which will revolutionize the stamping industry and thank God for blessing me with the ideas and guidance. I will have a booth at the C.H.A trade show next year, and hopefully can meet many of you in person. I know it is all uphill from here, and look forward to the near future.”

Sarah Shares:

"Time Flys" Card

This is a pretty sweet card that uses great coloring and cool looking layering. Sarah used a Leanne Ellis stamp from Sugar Nellies, gloss card stock from Ranger, an air can, Tim Holtz Alcohol inks (various colors that she sprayed with the air can to give it the splattered background effect). She also used a burning tool to burn the edges around the stamp, Shrinky Dink to create the little skeletons (from Bombshell stamps) and embellishments.
Copic Markers were used to color in the image, a silver leafing pen for her hair, and stickles and pearls.

Bombshell Altered Clipboard:

On this piece, Sarah created an altered clipboard using Bombshell & Stampin' Up! stamps. She used a red bandana as the border and for her skirt. What I think is a neat touch is that Sarah took apart 3 skull rings and added them to the corners as embellishments.

Black and White Card

On this black and white card, Sarah went with more of an abstract/gothic/retro look and feel. She used a Leanne Ellis stamp and interesting patterns and textures to add life to the card. I love the fact that the patterns don't overwhelm each other because of the monochramatic elements (there's a big word for ya! he he).

"Life" Tarot Card

I adore the colors on this card! Sarah created a "tarot card" theme using a Fairy Arts stamp, with 3 skulls on the corners and 3 suns on the bottom border. She also added a dream catcher from a necklace. All of these give the card it's Zodiac & Tarot card feel!

"Dream" Tarot Card

Like the "Life" card, this Dream" card was fashioned after a Zodiac & Tarot theme and uses very interesting colors and layout elements.

Gnome Son

This was a little "extra" card that Sarah included in her entry that I thought needed to be featured. It is a picture of her son that she has turned into a gnome. I think the way she collaged the elements together is fabulous and I love the whymsical feel of it!

Sarah Teaches:

Sarah put forth the extra effort and came up with two different tutorials for her feature, the first of which includes pics and instructions, and the second of which is an outstanding video tutorial! I for one can't wait to try some of these techniques!


Materials Used:

Black Canvas Bag
Bombshell Stamps
Clear Art Stamps
Inkadinkao Stamp (Sun & Butterfly)
Copic Markers
Wet Looks Markers (Water Based)
Iron on transfer paper(Art-Wear Iron-On Design Sheet)
Parchment Paper
Fabric Glue
Jet Black Stazon ink
Beads & a Pendant
Needle & Thread
Skull Patches
Dress Sticker by Jolee's boutique – which went over bombshell stamp girl
2 metal plates with word “Courage” & “Imagine”
2 skull brads


Step 1- Stamp your images on the Art-Wear Iron-On Design Sheet.

To stamp the images use the black stazon ink. It does not bleed.

Then use water based markers or crayons to color the images.

Step 2- Place a pillow case on a hard heat resistant area such as a wood cutting board, do not use an ironing board. Pre-iron the bag to remove any wrinkles or moisture.

Step 3- Cut the images out, and peel the backing off. (This is a bit aggravating, but easy. Peel back image slowly to prevent it from tearing.) Then you'll want to position the images FACE UP on the bag and cover them with the Parchment Paper that's included with the iron on transfer paper.

Step 4 – Pre-Heat Iron to the highest COTTON setting, do not use steam. And, make sure there is no water left in the iron. Allow to pre-heat for about 5 minutes.

Step 5- Using FIRM PRESSURE, holding the iron with both hands and applying your body weight, iron on each of the images for about 20 seconds. Make sure you lift the iron off the bag when you move to a new section. Be sure to iron all corners and edges of the sheet, then using FIRM PRESSURE iron over the entire image using an up/down and side to side motion for another 1-1/2 minutes, making sure you get all corners and edges. Allow the parchment paper to cool for 1-2 minutes then gently peel back the paper. And, NOW YOU HAVE YOUR STAMPED IMAGES ON THE BAG.

Step 6- Iron on your skull patches.

Step 7- Sew on beads at the top of the bag, and put the metal plates that have sayings on them “Courage” & “Imagine” in my case, using fabric glue.


Before you try this unusual project, be sure to read the tips that Sarah has included for using these fibers! Below you’ll find the materials list, tips, and video links. Just in case you can’t see the videos, the technique has been pasted below them. Enjoy!

Angelina Crimped “Hot Fix” Fibers (Many colors available)
Jet Black Stazon Ink
Parchment Paper
Card Stock
Designer Paper

Both permanent and dye based ink work with the fibers.
Dark ink shows better, and I prefer to use black
Use lighter colors of fiber when using more detailed stamps
Just a little bit of the fibers will work, you do not need to waste your fibers.
I use an iron I only use for crafting, although I never had any residue left on the iron
I would recommend you use an iron dedicated to your crafting projects.

Technique for using “Heat Fixed Fibers”
It's fast and easy, Just pre-heat your iron to a medium setting, select a rubber stamp of your choice, place it on a table with the rubber side up, and cover it with black dye ink. (I used the jet black stazon ink ) Then lay fibers all over the stamp; use just a little bit, it goes a long way. Cover the stamp completely but lightly so the rubber is still visible, Now place a sheet of parchment paper over this. Iron your “sandwich” until you see your image appear, this only takes a few seconds, and you'll want to move the iron around a little until you see the image through the parchment paper. You'll see the fibers have stuck together with the image embedded in them. SLOWLY peel the image off of your stamp, loosening the edges first and then peeling upward VERY SLOWLY. It will be sort of a sheet now, with fibers loose all around the image. You can trim the fibers around the image, or leave them hanging to add effect to the design. Now all you have to do is add the image to your card by using double sided tape.

Visit Sarah by clicking the links below:

Sarahs Crazy Creations

Any Stamp Will Do

Thanks again, Sarah, for all the hard work and great projects! I look forward to working with you again. Everyone, don't miss your chance to be a featured artist on Smeared and Smudged! I'm looking for artists to feature for September and because I ran a little late this month,I'm extending the deadline till the 15th of Aug. Don't be shy, send me your entries! No need to make new projects for your entry, just send in pics that represent what you are capable of. All the details are on the sidebar. I'm looking forward to working with some interesting and talented artists!

Also, be on the lookout for some cool altered project postings soon- I've finished the vintage lunchbox and it rocks...I'll give you a few days to soak in all that Sarah has offered and then post it. Plus, I have a Bombshell challenge card that I'm working on and some Halloween ornaments (?) coming soon!


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