Friday, September 18, 2009

Funky Friday- Bomb Squad

Welcome to Funky Friday!! Are you ready for this one? This week, to get into the funk, me and my oldest daughter got together for a finger painting session...literally. I have no clue where I got this idea from, it kinda just popped into my head, but I decided I needed to stamp on
her nails!
First we put down a base coat metallic nail color and let it dry. Then using an eensie weensie stamp alphabet and stazon ink, we stamped out the words BOMB SQUAD on her nails, with a little Bombshell Stamps bomb (from the "Cherry Bomb" set) on her thumb in between the two words. Then we went back in with a tiny paintbrush and added green polish accents.The stazon comes off cleanly since it is sitting on polish and not nail (we tested it!!!!)
I hope you are able to see the pictures well, it was a little difficult getting all the nails in one shot where you could read them. And the stamping is not perfect, as evident on her bomb thumb, but it's really hard to roll a stamp on a fingernail without slipping! I think with some practice I could get really good at it. For now I think that this manicure is DA BOMB!

*click pics for larger views*