Monday, September 7, 2009

Altered Monday: Garden District Mini Notebook

For some reason, this image from Invoke Arts that I used on the mini notebook always reminds me of the old South. Swamps, decaying plantations, moss, ladies sitting in rockers on screened in porches wearing their priceless family heirlooms and sipping sweet tea. I don't know, maybe it's the hat, but I always think of downtown Charleston or the Garden District in New Orleans.

So, I decided this notebook needed to be both grotesque and beautiful at the same time, just like a swamp. I think I achieved the effect I was looking for. I found the mini notebook with pen attached and used alcohol inks, embossing powder, and ink pads to add the coloring. The flowers and leaves came from a broken bracelet that I had, which I think worked very nicely. It's a pretty different looking notebook, I'm sure not everyone would like to carry it around, but I really enjoyed making it and can't wait to use it!


  1. I think it is awesome, I would carry it around!

    I like your thought process, being from Louisiana myself I agree about the beauty and grossness of swamps, although there are not very many screened in porches!! LOL

  2. Love this project. The flowers are great.

  3. Way too fun! I love the skeleton with the fancy hat. Sort of a twisted Red Hat Society deal. :D