Saturday, December 13, 2014

12 Days of Creepmas 2014- Day 7

Welcome back to 12 Days of Creepmas sponsored by Smeared Ink. If this is your first visit, please go to this post for all of the info about the hop and prizes.

Today's post is going to be short and sweet, I am on the road this morning. The winner's from our Day 6 giveaway, as picked by, are:


Congrats ladies! Please email us at to claim.

So I made a boo-boo when I posted the prize for Day 6....our Smeared Ink Day was supposed to be today rather than the 11th! So sorry everyone! I went ahead and drew two winners anyways, and will draw two winners again for today's prize.

Speaking of which, here it is:

We're giving away another digi bundle! How awesome is it that you get to choose your own prize? As I mentioned before we'll draw for two winners on the 15th, 1 Jolly Blogger and 1 Merry Hopper, so hoppers you have until midnight tomorrow to leave your comment telling us which Smeared Ink event you are looking forward to most for 2015. 

We hold a few- including Bloody Valentine, Skull Appreciation Day, Smudgefest, 31 Days of Halloween, and of course 12 Days of Creepmas. Who knows, maybe there will be a new one added in? If you have any ideas for a new event you'd like to see, leave that in your comment as well! We'd love to hear it.

Good luck, and have fun hopping today!


  1. I'm really liking the 12 Days of Creepmas! Not quite as much pressure as 31DOH, but still tons of fun!

  2. Hands down for me it is 31 Days of Halloween! It was my first event and I had such a blast it will always be my fav! Thanks again Terra and Tori for all the hard work!!

  3. I haven't tried Bloody Valentine or Skull Appreciation Day yet so am looking forward to joining in with those next year. I loved Smudgefest this year - such a challenge to create something each day, but 31 DOH had such camaraderie among the Wicked Bloggers - I made lots of new friends!

  4. Congratulations Kim and Nan!
    While all of your events are something to look forward to (and revisit and enjoy) the 31 DOH is by far my favorite. I look forward to visiting and being awed and amazed every year.

  5. So many new to me event over the coming year, how can I pick when I am sure they are all awesome??!!

    I will say Smudgefest 'cuz I have no clue what that one is...... :)
    Have a wicked weekend!

  6. Missing in the row of events is easter or creester if you like lol

    I love skull appreciation day and the 31 days the most

    And maybe a scary alice in wonderland event ;-)

  7. 31 Days is such a fab inspiration and probably my fave. Hope one day to actually join in as a Blogger. but I'm bummed I couldn't blog for Creepmas this year. I had such a ball last year. thanks for all the fabulous events. xxD

  8. Congrats to all the luck winners so far! Hmmm another impossible task...I love 31 DOH the best I think and maybe Smeared and Smudged should celebrate Half-O-Ween with me! I've hosted 2 so far on DominoART and its fun to celebrate Halloween half way through the year just like Christmas in July. I call DominoART's scarefest "15 Days of Terror - Half-O-Ween in May".

  9. I did wonder about Day 6 being a Smeared Ink day because a few of the bloggers had used other stamps, now it makes sense ;)
    As to which SI event I'm most looking forward to, I'm very intrigued by Bloody Valentine, which I hadn't heard of before. I'm also loving 12 Days of Creepmas; 31 Days of Halloween is awesome, but it is a little daunting. The Creepmas one brings me much festive joy because it breaks up the MAJOR traditional Xmas overload that we're bombarded with from every other blog at this time of year :D

  10. Ooh, and for other events, it's International Fairy Day on June 24th - I believe a Scary Fairy Day would be much appreciated ;)