Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12 Days of Creepmas 2014- Day 5

Welcome back to 12 Days of Creepmas sponsored by Smeared Ink. If this is your first visit, please go to this post for all of the info about the hop and prizes.

Congrats to those of you who have stuck with it so far this month as either a Jolly Blogger or Merry Hopper, we know it can be busy and overwhelming and we're happy that you've chosen to spend part of December hopping along with us!

First things first, let's announce the winners from Day 4. By random number, the winners of a Smeared Ink $15 digi bundle are:

Susan S

Woo hoo ladies! Please email us at smearedinkstamps@gmail.com to claim your prizes!

For day 5 we have a treat...

On the Fifth Day of Creepmas, My True Love Gave To Me...
A Rubber Grab Bag Full of Images Three!

The winner of today's drawing will receive these three single unmounted RUBBER images:

To qualify, visit our shop and let us know which of our images you'd LOVE to see on a t-shirt! Leave your choice (or choices) in a comment below. We will draw for the winner the morning of the 11th, so you have until midnight tomorrow to enter. Good luck, and we hope you enjoy today's hop! 
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  1. Fabulous stamps! I think for a tee shirt I'd like the Grumpie saying "I do what I want". Soo cute! xxD

  2. I'd love to see any of the Merbabes on a T-shirt! Or the French Fairies. Do I have to stop there? LOL

  3. Gratz Monique and Susan S!

    Such fun always!
    Would love to see Llorona as a "T", LOVE her image!


  4. I opened several images to consider, but decided, and not just because it is the season, I would wear BRASS THE STEAMPUNK REINDEER on a shirt. Just around, to festivals and of course to SteamPunk faires and Maker faires.

    Congratulations Monique and Susan!

  5. Black Widow because I can't get that song out of my head and I am a widow..not a black widow!! Ironic though isn't it? Anyway I love the stamp and the song so it must be a tshirt!!

  6. So hard to choose an image for a T shirt..... either 'Release' or 'Voodoo Do Do That Voodoo' I think xxx

  7. Skully Xmas wreath - I think this would look good on a t-shirt! Finally I have decent internet again!!

  8. Terra, i thought I had posted here but my image from the store was from Leigh's autumn collection the name is escaping me right now the migraine is back in full swing. I had chosen another image this morning but cannot think of it now. I want to use Leigh's for clay projects every since I first saw it!

  9. Ooooo gosh, now that's practically impossible, I want them all on t-shirts LOL, but if you're going to twist my arm then I choose my Egyptian Vampire cat from Autumn's Pencil teehee ;0)

  10. Oooh, ooh, ooh is Susan S me? Wheee! I'll have to check the Day 4 post and see if there's someone who uses Susan S before I get too excited . . brb
    PS I think Blogger may have been putting Captcha images in everyone's comments, grrr. Anyway, in case you didn't know, there's one here now.

  11. Yay, it's me! Hurrah hurrah! I'm gonna get a Grumpie to set on to Bloggaa's automated captcha system :P