Friday, May 6, 2011

De-Stash Sale Round 1

Ok, well it took a LONG time to get this stuff semi organized, photographed and uploaded, but here is round 1 of the things I am willing to pass on to other homes. Please note that the prices don't include shipping. I will put everything into the smallest box possible to ship and let you know how much the shipping total is. If you are interested in anything, please email me and let me know; first come first serve. Also, in case you don't know anything about my stamping style, I am a very messy stamper. Chances are, if I've used it, it's probably stained. But, the staining does not affect the stamped images at all and I am not offering anything that I would not buy myself :) One last note, I had a bad experience with a check last time I sold some of my goodies, so this time I am taking paypal only please. If you email, I will send you a total with an estimate on shipping, and then I'll send out a paypal invoice. I'll also update info as things sell. Thanks everyone! Hope you enjoy my sale!

Oh yeah, also forgot to mention, feel free to make me an offer if you want to buy lots!!!! :)


Bombshell Sacred Heart- $10-SOLD

Witches Set:$10- SOLD

Random Halloween- $10 SOLD

Invoke Arts Catrina Set- $10 -SOLD

Wings Set-$10 SOLD

Monsters Set-$8

Tiny Whymsical Alphabet & designs- $10
Fairies, Flowers, Hearts, & Cute Stuff- $8


Women-$6 SOLD

Domino size Women- (over 50 stamps) $30 SOLD

Domino Backgrounds- $8 SOLD

Invoke Arts Doll Parts-(one thigh is missing but you can use the one included for both sides) $10


Bombshell Muertas Doll- $10

Christmas set- $7

Rock N Roll Acrylics- $5 ON HOLD

Tiny Alphabet (not sure if they are all there or not) -$1

Puns From The Past- $10 SOLD

Domino Stamp- $1

Shapes- $3

Henna Hands- $2 -SOLD

Flowers- $6 SOLD

Words (they are pretty rough as you can see in the pics, but you can cut them apart like I did on one) -$1

Invitation Stamps-$4



Oriental Nature- $8

Large Stitched Tree-$1

Birthday- $4

Bombshell Lucky Bride- $10

Bombshell Homeward Bound- $10

Bombshell Mi Amor- $10-SOLD

Bombshell Sugar Skulls- $10-SOLD

Bombshell Mermaid Treasure- $10 SOLD

Bombshell Rise and Shine- $10

Bombshell Vintage Raceway- $10 SOLD

Bombshell Holiday Accessories- $8

EMBOSSING POWDERS- $2 ea- all of them are at least half way full if not more, lots of them I never used

Rose Crafts Lemon Zest
Judikins Cloisonne SOLD

Rose Crafts Evergreen

Personal Stamp Exchange Copper-SOLD
Rose Crafts Arizona Redrock

Stampendous Saphire-SOLD
Stampin' Up Clear

Stampin Up Gold #1

Stampendous Silver

Stamp of Approval Kaleidoscope

Black Embossing Powder

Stampin' Stuff Classic Pewter

Embossing Arts Sparkles

Creations Unlimited Silver Seas

Stampin Up White -ON HOLD

Judikins Pastilles

Holographic EP

Stampin Stuff Clear

Rose Crafts Lilac Frost

Lg Vertigris

Stampendous Garnet

Personal Stamp Exchange Gold Tinsel

Rose Crafts Ori Silk Pink-SOLD
Rose Crafts Red Sparkle

Stampin Up Gold #2

Rose Crafts Sunset Pearl SOLD

Stampin Up Gold #3

Stampin Up Black

Stamendous Amethyst

Stampendous Carnelian

Judikins Malachite SOLD

Candy Pink EP

Stampn Stuff Black Lame

Silver Sparkle EP

Stampn Stuff Cobalt Blue -ON HOLD


Craft Mate holder with colored eyelets and brads-$20 SOLD

Color Coach- $1

Stampin Up Perfect Layers Tool- $5

Stampin Pastels- $5 (These are a little rough as you see in the pics, but still lots of chalk left! They need a good home where they will get used)

Essentials Glue Pad w/refill- $2

Small Take Out Box Template- $1 SOLD

Small Cake Box Template- $1

Shapes Template- $1

Pillow Box Template- $1 SOLD

Large Takeout Box Template- $1 SOLD

Shaped Tags Template- $1

Large Pouch Box Template- $1

Pocketbook Box Template- $1

Large Cake Box Template- $1

More Shaped Tags Template- $1

Large Pillow Box Template- $1 SOLD

Stamping Wheels

Large Handle- $1

Small Handle- $1

Small Skull Wheel- $2 SOLD

Small Circle Wheel- $2 SOLD

Small Baby Wheel- $2

Large Leaves Wheel- $3

Small Baby Feet Wheel- $2

Large Hearts Wheel- $3

Large Texture Wheel Speckled- $3

Large Swirly Wheel #1-$3

Small Paisley Flower Wheel- $2

Large Dots and Swirls- $3

Small Boho- $2

Large Swirls #2- $3

Large Dot Rows- $3 SOLD

Large Poinsettias- $3

Small Spiders- $2

Large Texture Rough- $3

Small Vines- $2

Large Straight dots- $3 SOLD

Small road- $2

Small Tire Tracks- $2

Small Watercolor Flowers-$2

Large Ornate Swirl- $3

Large Dainty Flowers- $3

Large Texture Rough Canvas- $3 SOLD

Dies and Punches

Sizzix Big Swirl die- $8 SOLD

Sizzix Big Teddy Bear die- $8

Sizzix Big Petal Card die- $8 (brand new)

Cuttlebug embossing folder flowers- $4

Cuttlebug embossing folder harlequin- $4 SOLD

Cuttlebug embossing folder snowflakes- $4 SOLD

Sizzix sizlets present die- $1

Sizzix sizlets swirl die- $1 SOLD

Cuttlebug tiny leaves die set- $3

Cuttlebug snowflakes die- $1 SOLD

Small Heart squeeze punch- $2

Stampin Up Large Oval Punch- $6

Stampion Up 1 3/8" Circle Punch- $6

Stampin Up squarepunch 1 1/4"- $6 SOLD

Fiskars border punch lace- $3 ON HOLD

Fiskars border punch scroll- $3 ON HOLD

Stampi Up Flower punch- $6 SOLD

Stampin Up large tag punch- $6

Stampin Up 1 3/8" square punch- $6

Stampin Up 3 flowers punch- $6

Stampin Up 1" circle small punch- $1 SOLD

Stampin Up small oval punch- $6

Stampin Up small tag punch- $6

Stampin Up shapes punch- $6

Stampin Up Word Window punch- $6

Stampin Up 1 3/4" circle punch- $6

Stampin Up 1 1/4" circle punch- $6


Curved Acrylic block (for large stamps to "roll" them onto the paper)- $2

large roll of random flower fabric ribbon- $1

plain white tiles qty 7- $3

large red punchinella roll-$4

large green punchinella- $3

large blue punchinella- $4 SOLD

large gold punchinella-$4

pack of 100 cardboard circles (I was going to use this for bases for awesome banners, just never got around to it)-$3

styrofoam makeup trays- great to use for paint & glues!!! I have four packs, let me know if you want 1 or more- $1 each pack

copper wire mesh- about half of it is left (as you see in the pic)- $2


  1. How many trays are in each pack of the foam trays?

    PS...I am working on a list :)

  2. What year is the color coach from?

  3. Susan, foam trays are 2 packs of 30that are unopened, one pack of 28 and one pack of 24. The color coach is an older one, I'm not sure of the year there's not one on there but if I had to guess I would say it's three or four years old. If you'd like I can take closeup pics of both sides so you can see the colors that are on there. Thanks for looking! :)

  4. hey this might be a long shot but i noticed some things that didnt have sold out from them. do you have any of them left to get rid of