Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yay to Vintage!

When I lived here in WA six years ago, I discovered a fabulous consignment mall that I absolutely loved; it was the neatest little place. I'm sure there is something similar pretty much anywhere you go, but it was the first time I had seen one like that. Well, yesterday my daughter and I went on a search to see if we could find it again. After 45 minutes of driving around in circles, because of course I didn't remember the street name or exact location, I finally saw a restaurant that I recognized and flipped a u-turn. A little more driving brought us to what I think is the same location, but different store entirely. Still consignment and still AWESOME, just owned by different people and much MUCH BIGGER! I could spend days getting lost in all the stuff!

Needless to say, I found things that I wanted. Last Christmas I accidentally broke (sob!) a crystal decanter that had been given to me by my grandmother. I was devastated!! A few days ago I had even mentioned to my husband that we needed to find a replacement somewhere... well, guess what I found at said consignment shop? You got it! A brand spankin' new-to-me decanter! Happy Birthday to Me!

Anyways, besides all the goodies that I bought just to buy, I found a pretty cool vintage tin lunchbox to alter. I know they sell tins regularly now at any scrapbooking store, but it's just so much cooler to have a scruffed up vintage one, ya know? I also found a few craft globes and some half used really old parchment paper boxes with envelopes. They are all discolored, so it makes my job alot easier! I don't even have to stain them myself. Yay me! Can't wait to get started on the lunchbox and share with you all. Right now I am finishing a magnet project that I think you will just faint over, it's so fun! Hopefully I will finish those today and share with you tomorrow!

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