Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stamping Techniques Take the Cake!

This post isn't about stamping, but rather about how stamping techniques can help you in alot of your other creative endeavors that you take on. Part of the reason I have not posted alot this week, besides the fact that we're hectically trying to get everything ready for our move, is because I spent two days working on a cake for a very dear friend's grandaughter's eight grade prom (whew! what a mouthful!). I didn't use stamps on it, but the coloring techniques that I've learned over the years helped me when dealing with the icing and food coloring. Not to mention most of the cake decorating products that I used, such as the luminescent edible powders, reminded me ALOT of the powders and products that I use almost every day in my paper arts! I went into the decorating with a pretty good idea of what I wanted based on those experiences, and although it wasn't exactly like stamping a card or embellishing a notebook, the paper crafting experiences sure did come in handy and I'm grateful that I had that knowledge to fall back on. Here are some pics of the finished Under-the Sea themed cake.

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