Friday, May 15, 2009

First post ever! Soda Can Feather Fashionista

Alright, let's get right down to it! I'm starting this blog as a spin-off to my Smeared Ink blog that explores general stamping techniques and showcases my stamp clubs and classes. Smeared and Smudged: More from Smeared Ink is going to focus more on creativity and individual expression! And to begin, I want to feature a card that I made a while back...I call this one my "Fashionista" card. Some of my stamp club members were very interested in how I made the metal feathers, and it's so simple! Just take an old soda can and rinse it out, cut the top and base off, and flatten out the aluminum. Now you have a sheet of metal to work with. You can paint the back (outside) of the can, but since mine were flat to the card I didn't even bother. Use an oval punch and punch out three or four. Then take scissors and snip from the edge toward the middle down each side, being careful not to go through the middle, and being VERY CAREFUL not to cut yourself of the aluminum! Wear gloves if you need to! I made my cuts wavy to give it a different look, and then rubbed and wiped off black stazon to give them a worn look. The rest of the card features hand painting, torn paper, and frayed ribbon. The image is from Third Coast Rubber Stamps. Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Terra,
    This is awesome. Do you have more pictures of this?