Friday, November 14, 2014

12 Days of Creepmas 2014-Sign Up Now!

Welcome back to the Smeared and Smudged Blog! We hope everyone is recovering from 31 Days of Halloween and that you are staying nice and toasty this November. You may have noticed a slight redesign of this blog- we are in the process of upgrading our Smeared Ink shop and we're making everything matchy-matchy, so we hope you like it! The new shop should go live soon, so be on the lookout, but for now you can still get all of your favorite Smeared Ink images at the same spot.

In the meantime, we are happy to announce that we are starting sign-ups for our 2014 12 Days of Creepmas Blog Hop. We'd like to invite YOU to join in this year and participate in our event. We're offering up a cool prize at the end, and know that you'll have a blast! How can you do this, you ask? Well, there are a couple of ways to participate this year, and below you'll find all the details.

12 Days Of Creepmas Jolly Blogger
What You Have to Do: Commit to making and displaying one stamped project on your blog for 12 Days in December. To commit as a Jolly Blogger, add your name and blog address in a comment under this post by November 27.

The Rules: The project must be handmade by you and be posted by 9:00 am Pacific Time every scheduled day. The project must be stamped, with either a rubber stamp or digi stamp used somewhere, and must be either Christmas or Winter Holiday themed AND fall into the category of "Creepmas" (so creepy, weird, or grungy, basic S&S style). This year we are once again allowing all digital projects as long as they are the bloggers original digital art. Projects must be "new" in that they can't have been posted anywhere before, including on your own blog, other blogs, forums, or other websites. In other words, no re-using previous projects. Bloggers are allowed to combine projects to fit into other scheduled postings; for instance, if you have to post a DT project that day or are following other challenge criteria, you can combine the project as long as it follows the 12 Days theme.

Bloggers must also post the 12 Days Blog roll with links to all participating blogs in either their daily posts or on the sidebar of their blog for easy access. The 12 Days blog roll will be posted here by November 29.

To qualify for the prize drawing at the end of the month, you must post a project EVERY SCHEDULED DAY in December. If you miss a day, you will still qualify to receive a survival button, but will not qualify for the prize drawing.

Posting Schedule

Monday December 1st
Wednesday December 3rd (Smeared Ink Day)
Friday December 5th
Sunday December 7th (Smeared Ink Day)
Tuesday December 9th
Thursday December 11th
Saturday December 13th (Smeared Ink Day)
Monday December 15th
Wednesday December 17th (Smeared Ink Day)
Friday December 19th
Sunday December 21st
Tuesday December 23rd (Smeared Ink Day)

Now I bet you are wondering what Smeared Ink Day is! These are the days that we are challenging you to use ONLY Smeared Ink Stamps on your projects! This is not mandatory, however you will be entered to win a prize from us for using only Smeared Ink stamps on those days!!!

12 Days of Creepmas Merry Hopper
What You Have To Do: Hop through each of the 12 Days Blogs that are participating and leave a comment on each project.

The Rules: You must leave a comment on EACH participating blog every scheduled day to qualify for the prize drawing. Your comment should be about the project or something related (ie-no "Here's my comment for today" or "I'm here!"...these types of comments won't count!) and cannot be a copy/paste comment. If you miss a day or a blog, you will still qualify to receive a survival button, but will not qualify for the prize drawing.

Grand Prize Drawing
At the end of the 12 days, we will be drawing for an awesome shopping spree from Smeared Ink!

Each person who successfully completes the 12 Days as either a Jolly Blogger or a Merry Hopper will receive one entry toward the prize drawing. If you successfully complete both, you will receive two entries. (Meaning if you are a Jolly Blogger and you comment on every blog every day, you have successfully completed both)

We hope you will join us this year for our 12 Days of Creepmas 2014 Event!! Don't forget to sign up in a comment below this post.

If you'd like to spread the news about 12 Days of Creepmas 2014, feel free to grab the button below and post it on your blog or website, share on Facebook, or email it to your favorite stamper friends.


  1. Oh my goodness!! Had so much fun with the 31 DOH So I'm definitely in for 12 days of Creepmas!
    thanks! mo xxx

  2. Sign me up please, I can't wait!!!

    Teresa xxx

  3. Please add me:


  4. Yes please, I would like to sign up as a blogger.
    Sue (The Nanny)

  5. I am in for 12 days of creepmas

  6. I would love to sign up as a Jolly Blogger!!

  7. So excited to say I am in! My blog is:

    It will be my first Creepmas but I made it through my first 31 days of Halloween so I got my fingers crossed again:)

  8. I forgot to say I will be a Jolly Blogger and will be visiting each blog each day and commenting. Can you tell I forgot what that is called? lol

  9. I will be a Jolly blogger and a Merry Hopper

  10. I'm in!
    I can't wait!!

  11. Yay! Love the remake on the blog! <3 the grumpies!!

    I am in for Creepy Jolly Blogging!

  12. I love to be a jolly blogger please
    (missed 31 days so here is revenge lol)\\

  13. the AC crew like to play as jolly blogger too

  14. I'm in as a Jolly Blogger, please!

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  16. I LOVED the 31 DOH and can not wait for the 12 DOC

  17. Jessica, just removed one of your comments so I don't confuse myself on the blog roll :)

    Glad to have you all on board!

  18. I'm signing up to be a Jolly Blogger and will be doing my best to be a Merry Hopper too ;)

  19. Yes please!


  20. I will try. Lady B.

  21. Did I disappear? I will try to be a jolly blogger. Lady B.