Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2: 31 Days of Halloween 2013

Welcome to Day 2 of 31 Days of Halloween! We will be announcing the winners of yesterday's scavenger hunt later today. Each day the scavenger winners will be visible above the first post, see that spot up there with the link to the rules? Yep, that's where the winners will be listed, so be sure to check back after about 9:30 am PST (that will give us time to draw from the entries after the 9am deadline).

Yesterday was a mind-blowing first day and we hope you enjoyed your hopping and all the fabulous projects. We had a few questions that came up that we'd like to address, so here goes...

Question #1- If you come across a blog that does not have a post up by 9am PST, you are not responsible for leaving a comment on that blog for the day to qualify as a Horrifying Hopper. However, if you do your hopping before the 9am PST deadline, you'll need to check back and comment on any blogs that made the deadline but whose projects may not have been posted when you hopped.

Question #2- We will not be looking for comments on flickr. We are aware that one of our hoppers this year has a flickr album rather than a blog, and we do hope that you enjoy looking at the Halloween projects there, but we will not be counting comments for that link since we don't know how to comment there.

Question #3- If a Wicked Blogger does not have a project up, they will not be removed from the hop list right away, we usually give about a week for them to get in the groove. (They won't qualify for the prize drawing if they miss any days, but sometimes it takes a bit to get going). If they haven't posted within the first week, we'll update the blog roll. There will be Bloggers that are not able to post every day all month, and that is fine, still check in on them and if they have a post up before 9 am PST, Horrifying Hoppers will need to comment on those posts to qualify for the grand prize drawing prize.

I hope that answers all the questions...just remember if you are a Horrifying Hopper, you must comment on every post that is up by the deadline, which is 9 am PST.

And now, let's get to our amazing sponsors for today!


Be sure to visit the Altered Pages sites:

The winner of today's prize from Altered Pages will receive a single collage sheet of their choice from the Altered Pages shop.


Be sure to visit the Delicious Doodles site:

The winner of today's prize from Delicious Doodles will receive the freebie image featured on the Delicious Doodles blog. Please see the Wicked Blog Roll for the Delicious Doodles blog link.

Kenny K has new Christmas digi stamps and they will be released in two parts. First release was on September 22nd and the second release will be on October 20th! Please stop by our shop at to check them out! 

Be sure to visit the Kenny K sites:

The winner of today's prize from Kenny K will receive 2 digi images of their choice from the shop.


Be sure to visit the Rick St Dennis sites:

The winner of today's prize from Rick St Dennis will receive 1 single digi image of their choice from the shop.

Be sure to visit the I Brake For Stamps site:

The winners of today's prize from I Brake For Stamps will receive 1 single digi image of their choice from the shop.


To qualify for the Scavenger Hunt prize drawing, all you have to do is visit the Wicked Blogs and find our hidden scavenger image. We will be hiding one each day and giving you a clue, and anyone who finds it will be entered into a drawing for one of the prizes. Each sponsor for the day will have a different winner chosen randomly from the entries.

Once you find the image, EMAIL US and tell us whose blog it is on. 

To qualify for today's drawing we must receive all guesses by 9am PST tomorrow morning. If you guess correctly you will get one entry into the daily drawing. The winner will be drawn using and we will announce the winner tomorrow.

Here's your clue for Day 2:

The darkened night I long to see
But sounds help steer the way for me
As I go forth, so shall you flee.

Email us when you have the answer.

 Have a blast hopping today!
Check out the Wicked Blog Roll in my sidebar on the top right.


  1. Loads of great sponsors for today!

  2. Oh wow!! Think I know the answer! lol Off to look for the piccie tho! Didn't realise the time difference, i'm hopping very early - will go get some work done and pop back later! Mo x

  3. Looking forward to another great day of hopping! xxD

  4. Thanks for the answers. Enjoyed yesterday. Hope to stick with it as long as there aren't too many pumpkins in the way. Really good fun.

  5. More fabulous sponsors and prizes today, woohoo!

  6. Had a great time with day 1 and am aiming for that Horrifying Hopper status!

  7. Great sponsors for today. Thanks for the clarification of the blogs.

  8. ... and more great offers today :) This blog hop is as time-consuming as exciting - and SO inspiring! thanks for starting this event
    hugs, serafeena

  9. Congrats Day 2 and to the winners. Hope most of the wrinkles are set and off to Day 3! Love the clues.

  10. congrats to winners from day 1! one down 30 to go :)

  11. Day 2 was truly spooktacular!!! Boo, didn't win a scavenger prize for yesterday, crossing fingers and toes I snag one tomorrow teehee! See ya for Day 3!