Monday, November 5, 2012

31 Days of Halloween Winner!!

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a good rest since the end of 31 Days...I have been super busy tallying Wicked Blogger posts and Horrifying Hopper comments, and we are now ready to announce our GRAND PRIZE WINNER!!!!

First, let me say that all of you are AWESOME! We had 36 Wicked Bloggers participate this year, with 25 of them completing all 31 days of posting. That is an amazing, tiring, draining, psychotic and rewarding feat!! Congrats Wicked Bloggers! Plus, we had some pretty outstanding Horrifying Hoppers, 10 of which completed all 31 Days of commenting on each and every blog EVERY day of the month! Wow, what stamina!! Not to mention the combined comments of our Bloggers, Hoppers, and Lurkers, which totaled an unreal Seventeen THOUSAND Five Hundred and Eighteen comments! Yes, you heard me right, 17,518 comments!!!!! As you can imagine, it took me a while to get a winner....

The winner of this year's drawing will of course receive this prize pack from Smeared Ink:

So, I won't make you wait any longer, by random number between those who qualified for the drawing, the winner is.......

er...., I mean

Congratulations Alex! Please contact us at for further instructions on claiming your prize.

And a great big congratulations to all of you who participated, whether you posted one project or one comment, participated in the scavenger hunt, made it through part of the event,or completed the full month as a Blogger or Hopper, we thank you for being a part of our 4th annual 31 Days of Halloween! 

A huge thank you to all of our amazingly generous sponsors who showered us with their goodies throughout the month, we hope you will continue to visit them as they all have some pretty cool stuff going on with their shops and products.

We invite everyone to join us in the forum this month for our regular monthly Challenges and Member Blog Hop, all of which are linked from the Main Page left sidebar. Also, please join us on Smudgy Antics for our regularly scheduled Weekly Challenges; this week why don't you come an join us in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe! 

And of course be on the lookout over the next couple of days for our 12 Days of Creepmas Smeared and Smudged Style Event Information....I will be posting it here on my blog as well as in the forum. We hope you will join us!


P.S.- If you are a Wicked Blogger or Horrifying Hopper, your Survival Buttons will be posted soon!!!


  1. Congratulations to Alex and Edgar
    Hugs Jane xxx

  2. Congratulations, Alex. And well done to organisers. What an amazing turnout. Vee xx

  3. WooHoo - way to go Edgar :-D Oh, and Alex too of course LoL xx

  4. Congrats Alex - That's an amazing win and you did present amazing projects throughout the month and it was a blast playing with Edgar.

  5. WOOOT WOOOT and CAW CAW! Edgar and I are SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!! YAYA~~~

  6. Wow, not sure how you did this... so many comments, but this experience was a blast and I can't wait for 12 Days of Christmas.
    Edgar you made me laugh each day, Alex congrats and have lots of fun with your goodies.

  7. Congrats!!!! I really loved Edgar, although I couldn't keep up with the posts.

  8. Congrats Alex, Way to go girly! Yay!