Monday, September 26, 2011

Zetti Challenge

Hello everyone! I'd like to invite you to come on over to our DT Challenge Blog, Smudgy Antics, and join in our Weekly Challenge! Each week we post a new one, and for this week the theme is Zetti. In case you don't know what it is or haven't heard of it, here's a little descrip:

A style based on the work of Teesha Moore, Zetti is a blend of the ordinary and the fantastic. Blend collage, drawing, painting, stamping, etc, to make one whimsical concoction of elements based in reality and fantasy. Elements can include contrasting textures and patterns, bright colors, black and white patterns (especially stripes), faces and bodies that are mis-matched, animal parts, added body parts/clothes/wings, fantastic hats and crowns, quirky, odd, whimsical combinations of characters, lyrics, poems, handwriting and text. Use any of these, or all of them, but be sure to put your own artistic spin on it!

I actually got the chance to make a sample for this week's challenge, and I must say I am pretty in love with it. It is once again digital as I am having alot of fun with digi work lately. Here it is:

*click for larger view

I used three different Smeared Ink images for my main character. The body is Vivadondra from our Goth Fairies digi set, the head is Candy Creature from our Candy is Dandy set, and the wings are from our retired Praise Angel from Symbology of Angels. The two latter sets will be available in our shop as digis later this week!

I colored everything digitally and placed pieces and parts, and then added hand drawn elements and stripes. I think it's a pretty good first attempt at the Zetti style, and still fits well with my darker side.

I hope you enjoyed taking alook, and if you get the chance, swing by Smudgy Antics to give this super fun style a try!


  1. This is so funky and cool! I like it.:)

  2. WoW - this is soooo cool Terra - you rocked this Zetti challenge
    :-D AWESOME !!
    Ike xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I just love your Zetti challenge. I had to work hard on mine but I did it.