Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Time Flies Altered Calendar

Hi everyone! I have a great project to share with you today, one that has been sitting in the back of my closet for some time now. I actually forgot that I had purchased this item to alter a while back, and found it behind my paper rack a couple of weeks ago. Then it sat (again) until I had the chance to sit down and do something to it. Finally yesterday I threw my hands in the air, said "screw everything", and sat my butt down to stamp. My house suffered, but I still managed to feed my kids and get my Smeared Ink orders out like I should, ha ha!

So, the item that I am talking about is this wooden calendar that I found at Goodwill. It cost about a dollar and a half, and worth every penny. Of course there was NO WAY that I could leave it the way it is...as you can see in the pic, it is definitely NOT my style. I like cows and all, but not enough to hang on my wall and look at every day.

You can see that the calendar has these little wooden tiles that slide in and out for you to arrange the dates, plus some tiles with a month on each side and some with holiday pictures. Pretty cool cause you can add those in if you want them.

To start altering, I coated the base with a black glitter paint. Then I added in other layers of paint, including beige, copper, gold, pink, and red nail polish. After all the layers dried, I tore up some old book pages and modge-podged them onto the background.

I stamped my image from the Muertos Doll stamp set from Bombshell stamps. I used coffee and watercolor crayons to color him in, then added a blood red heart using nail polish. I cut him out and arranged him on my base. Although I modge podged over him as well, I left his right hand out because I wanted to add some dimension.

Then I stamped, colored, and cut out my little flying clocks from the Rise and Shine Bombshell set. I added them to my base, with one going into my doll's right hand. A pop dot was placed behind the right hand to bring it forward. I also hand wrote my days of the week with black and white paint marker.

The final step on the base was to add my embellishments and my saying; "Time Flies When You're Having Fun", also from the Rise and Shine set. My embellishments are tiny watch pieces and gears. As the muertos doll catches the clocks, they spew out their innards! Kinda gross when you put it that way, but I thought it was cute at the time. I also added some larger washers and gears onto the shelves to complete the look.

To change up my tiles to match, all I did was color them with a gold foil pen. I decided to keep the original holiday pictures that were on the tiles, and the original words.

So in the first picture you can see that there are some blank tiles to fill in the spaces where there are no numbers; those are just the holiday tiles turned over. The second pic shows without those in place. The last two pics are closeups of the details.

I hope you enjoy!!!! I'd love to hear what you think about my project; I adore it and will be hanging it on my kitchen wall!

*click pics for larger view


  1. This is so great Terra! I would have never thought to do that :)

  2. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better, but I would never have thought to do it and would have left it behind! GREAT!

  3. I loooovvvvvvvvve this! I might have to "borrow" your idea and make one for myself. This rocks!

  4. Holy heck. That's an amazing calendar made way cooler by you!

    It's totally freakin' awesome. I love everything about it, especially the spewing watch parts. :D

  5. Looks like you had a great time altering this!! Great job!

  6. wow, totally awesome! I would have that on my wall for sure!

  7. oh my gosh!!! this is so awesome! I totally love it :)