Friday, January 22, 2010

Meet The Smeared and Smudged Design Team- Jean

If you tuned in last Friday, you know that each week I will be featuring a different Smeared and Smudged Design Team member. Today I'd like to introduce you to Jean. Read her story in her own words, visit her website, and take a look at all these awesome projects!!! Also feel free to leave some love!

Glitter Words

My name is Gloria Jean and I use the nickname Jean. I am a baby boomer. Love black clothes and crosses. My eyes tend to move toward the glitter and artsy side of the clothes style but, can be seen in animal print pants and those must have eight inch hot pink shoes or lime green. My hair is flame red and eyes as green as emeralds. I do not follow trends and can never be seen in an outfit twice. I like who I am and always have; I am a self made woman.

I have 4 children and often wonder how someone can have two boys and two girls as different as night and day. But, they accent each other nicely. They grew their wings and knew where they were going and are all doing exactly what they wanted to do in their lives. I am a very proud mother.

I am a nurse and have a degree in liberal studies, A B.S. in mental health and human services. A stamp appraiser, book binder, oral communication major, and a psychology major, data input expert, writer, as well as a poet.

All about me as an artist: I am a chameleon who designes in a variety of styles. One moment I can produce victorian and artsy and then dark and on the edge. Self taught and educated in public schools with the best art programs available; I use my imagination, human emotions and take down all the fences we seem to put up as an artist. I carry no baggage, What you see is just what you get from me.

I am serious about my art and continue to study each day about different ways to express yourself. If at first you don't get the rough draft all you have to do is take another look and hopefully you'll get it this time.

I love everything about what I do in my life. I am a very happy person. Love to share my experiences and teach anyone who is willing to listen. I am often asked for advice from others who view my work. I repeat over and over these words.....If you see the circle in front of you the way you drew it on your own paper, then believe in yourself. Draw that circle your way.

I work with all mediums but my favorite is acrylic painting. There is something special about painting something and then painting over the whole canvas and starting clean and fresh.

I would like to share with everyone that the mouse traps I designed have been selected by Eric Lamoine who is the owner of "WISP Magazine" to be published in February 2010. And I will be working with Eric and the team scouting for new talent that will be published in Wisp. I am blessed!

Favorite Statement:

"I have a dream and I am not ever going to give it up. It may not be the same

dream I had 25 years ago but it's just as important because it's all mine!"

Glitter Words

Glitter Words
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If you'd like to see even more of Jean's, and all the other DT members art, head on over to the Smeared and Smudged forum and join in the fun! Also, be sure to check out a very special post tomorrow here on Smeared and Smudged; I'll be revealing another sneak peek of the New Smeared Ink Stamp Line! 'Til then.


  1. This is a wonderful post! Thank you to Jean for sharing so much of herself and than you Terra for posting it!!!!

  2. Yay Jean! Great to learn even more about you!

  3. Jean, you are incredibly talented and I am proud to be on the Smeared and Smudged DT with you!

  4. you rock jean...seriously. thank you for sharing such wonderful and honest information about yourself. It's so nice to get to "know" you!!

    Have a great weekend!